Sunday, April 15, 2012

Getting ready for graduation!

There is less than a month until I graduate from college!

Today I sold my lovely pink Schwinn bike, I was surprised that I got $70 for it! If I can sell my fridge before graduation, I'll be even happier.

I saw War Horse and The Help this weekend, both were excellent. I was way more into War Horse than I thought I would be.
 This is one of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes strips.
 This turtle disapproves of pessimism.
 I want this t-shirt, it's quotes from Wishes!
 From the 'Texts from Hillary' tumblr.
I love Rafiki.
 I also love huskies.
 And Colin Firth.
There are 36 days left until I check back into Disney World, and I can't wait! I've been daydreaming about castles and princes and fireworks and great food and magical moments. I also want to buy an annual pass for Universal Studios, so I can drink frozen butterbeer whenever.

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