Saturday, January 28, 2012

Things I learned in London

At the Tiffany's store in Terminal 3 at Heathrow Airport, I learned that people do, in fact, propose in airports. Having been there for 12 hours, I don't think I would find an airport marriage proposal that romantic. But the rings were pretty.

Queen Victoria survived 8 assassination attempts.

A drunk Irishman climbed over the fence to Buckingham Palace. A guard disabled the alarms, thinking it was malfunctioning. He found and finished a bottle of wine, broke something, and somehow hurt a hand or a foot. He found his way to Queen Elizabeth's bedroom, with his bleeding appendage. He and Queen Elizabeth had a nice chat, and he asked her for a cigarette.
She said "I'm so sorry, I don't smoke, but I'll call one of my servants."
"Yes, Your Majesty?"
"I'd like a cigarette, please."
"But Your Majesty, you don't smoke."
"I know, my friend who is sitting on my bed does."
The guards were there in seconds. And charged the man with stealing a bottle of wine. Not breaking and entering.

King Henry VIII intended to live with Anne Boleyn in the royal apartments at Tower of London. He beheaded her in 1536, before they moved in.

Tea with milk is delicious.
So are mince pies. And Yorkshire puddings.

A couple men respected me because I was "An American girl! Drinking Guinness!"

Getting used to another form of money takes me a while. Near the end, I was still forgetting I had a bunch of one and two pound coins in my change purse that could buy me a meal.

I love staying in hostels. It's really easy to make friends.

Margaret Thatcher had the wall and gates built around 10 Downing Street because of protesters.

John Lennon wrote the lyrics of 'Ticket to Ride' on the back of his son Julian's 4th birthday card.

All face character performers, as well as parade and show performers at Disneyland Paris, all have to do meet and greets as fur characters as stated in their contracts.

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