Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Planning my Winter Trip (Part 6)

"Anna's Castle-Touring, History-Loving, Englishmen and Frenchmen-Meeting, French Pastry-Eating Vacation Extravaganza!"

England Plans:
-Buckingham Palace
-Changing of the Guard
-Tower of London
-Ice skating at Hampton Court Palace
-Globe Theatre
-St. Paul's Cathedral
-Westminster Abbey
-Museums- Victoria and Albert, National History Museum, British Museum, National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Museum of Childhood (at Bethnal Green), Banqueting House and Clarence House (in North Westminster), Cinema Museum and London Film Museum (in Lambeth), The Newsroom-Guardian and Observer Archive and Visitor Centre (in Islington), Sherlock Holmes Museum (in Regent's Park)
-Kensington Palace
-Platform 9 ¾ and Diagon Alley
-Trafalgar Square
-Portobello Road
-BBC Tour
-The Nutcracker at the Royal Opera House, in Covent Garden, London
-Hamlet or Richard II
-Royal London Walking Tour
-The London Walk-Westminster & the West End Walking Tour
-Shakespeare's & Dickens' London- the Old City Walking Tou
-Deathly Hallows: The Quest Walking Tour
-Along the Thames Pub Walking Tour
- Christmas in London
- Greenwich Christmas Lights
- Royal Manuscripts at the British Library
- Charles Dickens at the British Library
Paris Plans:
-Disneyland Paris!!
-Gregorian Mass at Notre Dame!!
-Climb the 387 steps to the top of the cathedral
-Ice skate on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower
-Paris National Library (they have a Babar exhibit!)
-2 or 3 free walking tours

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