Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A True Brazilian Man

At the beginning of my college program at Disney World, I met a guy on the bus going from the cast parking lot to the Magic Kingdom tunnels. He had an amazing smile and lovely, soft brown eyes. We chatted for a bit, and he got off at the Toontown stop to work.

A few months later, about 80 College Program people were trying to fit into the A Bus at 1:00am, to get home to go to bed after work. People were standing in the aisles, sitting on the emergency steps. It was like a can of sardines, but we all made it on. I ended up standing by this gorgeous guy. We started talking, and he remembered me from the 5 minute bus ride months ago! As in, he remembered my name (I wasn't wearing my nametag). It turns out that he was from Brazil.

How exotic and lovely!

We talked for the whole bus ride home, and he gave me his phone number. I texted him the next day, and we made plans to hang out. Toontown merchandise and Fantasyland attractions meet-up! I got off work earlier than him one night, so he met me at Chatham, we hugged hello, and I signed him in. All my roommates were at work, so we had the apartment to ourselves.

I showed him the living room/kitchen, and we went into my room. All of the sudden, the animalistic urges were out, and we were making out. Fiercely. Hands all over, lips all over- it was great. A few hours later, we realized that it was almost 1am-and if you have someone from another apartment complex in your apartment past that, you can get termed. I walked him to the bus stop, holding hands. He kissed me good night, and we planned to hang out soon.

Here's the thing. I don't know if you've met any Brazilian men (I've met a few)-but....this guy was HAIRY. Like, Beast from Beauty and the Beast-style hairy. All over his chest, and especially on his back. Yikes. I guess I'm used to....less hairy men.

The next week, he came over again. However, this time my roommates were ALL home. They were setting up to watch a Twilight movie, when I mentioned that the guy would be coming over. All three of them freaked out. "You can be the first person to have sex in this apartment!"

Um. What. Why would I do that, when I know that you are all here? And in the next room?


I went to meet him at the bus stop. He kissed me hello, and I got him all signed in. We walked to the apartment, and I mentioned that my roommates were home this time. And since the living room/kitchen was on the way to my room, they got to meet him. He very gallantly shook all their hands as they were swooning over his Brazilian/Portuguese accent, and then we went into my room. Then one hissed my name.

"Anna! Come out here!"
I did. "What's up?"
"He's gorgeous!"
"I know, right! Exciting!"

I closed the bedroom door, and we started kissing-but soon, I realized that there was no sound coming from the living room. No movie, no talking, nothing. About 5 minutes later, I heard one say "You guys! We need to watch the movie!" Of course they were listening.

My mood evaporated after that. There was also the hairy back issue. We started watching The Hangover on my laptop, and I snuggled against his chest as he stroked my hair. We kissed a little more, but we were all too aware of the 3 other people in the room that was separated by one thin wall. He eventually noticed that I was tired, and I walked him to the bus stop.

We went to Animal Kingdom together in early December-went on Safari, held hands on Expedition Everest, and walked around until he had to go to work. I went to watch Festival of the Lion King by myself, and then went to work.

We never did have a proper goodbye.

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