Thursday, August 18, 2011

Planning my Winter Trip (Part 3)

Things I've booked:
-My hotel in Paris
-My trip to Versailles!
-A ticket to the Nutcracker at the Royal Opera House in London!
-2 free walking tours-one in Paris, one in London

Things I'm working on:
-A hostel in London (Well-two. YHA London St. Pancras for two nights neat St. Pancras station before I go to Paris, and one for 3 nights, hopefully near the West End or Kensington Palace. I've been looking at Central Hostel and St. Christopher's Village.)
-Constantly changing my mind about going to Disneyland Paris for a day. I found a ticket for 1 park, 1 day today for $40-I'm used to seeing an $80 price tag.
-A Paris Transport pass (bus, train, metro-all in one package)

Things I want to do in England/London:
-Changing of the Guard/Buckingham Palace
-Globe Theatre
-Hundred Acre Woods so Ruth and I can play pooh sticks
-Ice skate somewhere
-Oxford? Maybe?
-Kensington Palace
-Hampton Court (so I can pretend to live in Henry the VIII's time for a few hours)
-Platform 9 3/4
-Diagon Alley
-See a musical, see a Shakespeare play
-Westminster Abbey and St. Paul's Cathedral

-Go to Scotland for a day or two with Ruth to get a tour of Aberdeen and hear bagpipes

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