Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Traveling Wishes

After exploring NYC and all things Disney World, I have the travel bug. I wish I had a benefactor. Instead, I'm saving my money to visit London and Paris in late December/early January.

Right now, I'm reading '13 Little Blue Envelopes', by Maureen Johnson. The wikipedia page is here, you can buy it cheaply from amazon here. I'm a sucker for 'American girl in late high school or college, travels to another country, preferably somewhere in Europe, for eye-opening tales of adventure and meeting an adorable foreign boy who falls in love with her'. I want that to happen to me.

I want to go to London to visit my best friend, go to the Globe Theatre and real English castles instead of Cinderella's, visit Platform 9 and 3/4, and meet a fantastic Englishman. I want to take the Chunnel to Paris, and stay with a French friend from Disney World. I want to wander around Versailles and pretend I'm Marie Antoinette; before the commoners rebelled and she got the guillotine. I want to eat croissants and pan au choclat and baguettes in Parisian cafes. I want to go dancing and kiss a handsome Frenchman.

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