Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Meeting Characters at Disney World, Part 1

While working at Disney World, you tend to make friends from all over, especially when you're working on the College Program. I was lucky enough to meet my wondrous English counterpart, Ruth, a lovely Australian named Josh, a handsome Brazilian, and all of my fantastic Pooh-Side friends. I also met a lovely woman who was friends with Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), and a wonderful man who was friends with Mr. Incredible and a certain cowboy.
 I went to visit them at work, as often as I could, because it brightened both of our days to see a familiar friendly face.

While waiting in line to meet Mr. Incredible and Frozone one fall day, an irritable woman with a young son saw...basically, how prepared and alone I was. She asked me snidley "Why are you in line?"
"Because Mr. Incredible is one of my favorite superheroes."
She nodded. "Uh-huh. What, do you work here, or something?"
I always tried not to outright lie, and it was always nice to say "Yeah, I do. On some of the rides."
She nodded again. "So, what, do you know them, or something? The kid in the costume?"
"What are you talking about?"
"Come on. You know what I'm talking about. How many of them are back there?"
"How many Mickeys are there?"
"Just one." (Thank you, Traditions class.)
"I bet they're all back there shirtless, drinking beer, and smoking."
"I can assure you that's not true."
She nodded sarcastically and said "So, how many Mickeys are there?"
"Just one."
She then said, very angrily "STOP LYING."
"Ma'am, I'm not going to ruin the magic for you or your child."
At that point, Mr. Incredible and Frozone came out. Seeing me standing in line, Mr. Incredible blew me a kiss.

The woman turned back to me "YOU DO KNOW HIM. STOP LYING."
"No, he's just one of my favorite superheroes."
"Fine. I'm Mrs. Incredible, cleverly disguised, to visit my husband at work."
Her son turned to me with big eyes. "You are?"
"You never know. Disney World's a magical place, buddy."
He gave me a big smile and then turned around to wait for his turn.

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