Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NYC, Part 8 (Meeting Betty White)

Friday, Part 1:
I woke up at around 9:30 to get ready for the day. I talked to people from France, South Africa, Denmark, Japan, England, and Germany. I felt so uncool. If you want to stay at this awesome youth hostel, the link is here. I got my room and flight through STA Travel. After checking out, I walked to a nearby Starbucks, and got a caramel frappuccino and croissant. I ate on a bench in a park, and then got a cab to the Barnes and Noble on 46th and 5th.

I got to the store an hour before the 12:30 signing, and the sales person made sure to tell me that my wristband was no guarantee that I would meet Betty White. After buying the book, I walked outside to join the line...that wrapped around the store and down the block. New York blocks are gigantic. I was already losing hope. But I stood there and started reading. An hour and a half later, I had finished the delightful book.

Another hour passed. There were 5 people in front of me, and we were finally at the front door. People from the store kept coming out to tell us that there was no guarantee that we would meet Betty. They kept counting us, and then disappearing back into the store.

After about 10 minutes of this, a nice lady came out and told us that Betty would be signing until 2:30.


We headed to the second floor of the store, where they made us open our books to a certain page, and that we would only be allowed to take one picture. "From the side, only one, and no flash. God help you if you use flash."

I took my one picture:
and then I started to freak out. I was in the presence of a legend!

I stepped up to the table, and said "Hi, Betty. I came from Montana to see you. You're amazing!"
She smiled, and then the woman in the black shirt said "Betty, did you hear? She came from Montana!"
Betty said "Oh, isn't that nice! Montana's just beautiful. If I could buy any state, I'd buy Montana!"
"Well, we'd be glad to have you own us! There's not many people, I bet you'd get a good price. My mom loves you, I'm going to give this to her for Mother's Day."
Betty said "...Your mother's birthday?"
The lady in black said "No, Betty, Mother's Day! On Sunday!"
Betty nodded and said "Oh, how nice! You're such a sweetheart, thank you for coming to see me."
"It was my pleasure, believe me."

I was then ushered away from the table, and left the store. I went to the American Girl Place, where I was sad to find out that Samantha, Felicity, and Kirsten had been retired. LAME.

I went back to the hotel on 48th, dropped off my backpack and autographed Betty White book, and then hopped into a cab to go to the Central Park Zoo!

I saw sea lions, a gorgeous snow leopard, geese, monkeys, red pandas, pigs, sheep, llamas, ducks, rabbits, baby sheep, baby goats, adult goats, a polar bear, birds, and penguins. My favorite part was the penguin house, the one Mia wrote about in the first Princess Diaries book. I saw the Delacorte Clock, and the Balto statue!

I then tried to take the subway back to the hotel, but got off at the wrong stop. I ended up walking back to the hotel, and on my way saw Rockerfeller Plaza, and St. Patrick's cathedral!

Coming up: family time, going to the UN hotel, drinking in Times Square, and MEETING DANIEL RADCLIFFE!!

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