Monday, May 2, 2011

NYC, Part 3

When I'm in Manhattan, I want to go to bars after Broadway shows and kiss handsome strangers. I want to eat fantastic food and go to the Central Park Zoo and dance with talented men. I want to gape at tall buildings, and visit the New York Public Library.
I want to wear my fabulous dresses and not feel over-dressed, like I always do in Montana. I want to get student rush tickets to a Broadway show.
I want to be bowled over by the Harry Potter Exhibition. I want to meet Daniel Radcliffe. I want to meet Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart. I want Julie Andrews to receive my letter.
I want to have so much fun that I never want to leave. I want to eat fondue, cheese and chocolate. I want to make friends when I stay at the hostel.
I want to take happy pictures, and be happy with my truly fantastic life.

I leave the day after tomorrow. I can't wait!!!

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