Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Miranda Kerr is delighful!

 She has caused much envy by the way she has managed to snap back into shape and has bounced right back to work although she has mixed feelings about going back to her job so quickly. "I felt a little nervous", Kerr said. "I hadn't been in high heels for a while. It was probably a good five months since I'd worn heels, but it was kind of like riding a bicycle."
She also revealed that she has noticed a lot of changes in her body since giving birth but she is liking how she looks. "My hips are wider, and my boobs are obviously bigger. I feel like I've become more of a woman now, and I'm really embracing those curves", Kerr said.
 But the 28-year-old says that she did not embrace how she looked when she was growing up and had a few style mishaps along the way including trying to get Julia Roberts curls which went disastrously wrong. "She had curly, wavy, beautiful hair and I wanted that", she reminisced. "The perm didn't really turn out that way. It was a trend in the Eighties that I fell for, I guess."
She told Fox News recently that she had worked hard to get back in shape however explaining: "I eat extremely healthily, I do yoga and I've been working out and I definitely think the breastfeeding helps as well."


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