Sunday, May 1, 2011

In love with the Royal Wedding, Part 7

 From a Guardian article, source 4:
"So it was love at first sight for the pair of them?
More like friends at early sight, followed by housemates, and then sort of boyfriend-girlfriend, then splitting up, then friends again, then getting back together.

I don't remember that fairytale.
You mean you were never read the story of "Waity Katy", the girl who was kept hanging on?

Remind me.
She waited for, like, 100 years for the handsome prince to ask her to marry him. And when he finally did, a wicked witch called Camilla cast a spell on him and he turned into his dad and wasn't handsome any more.

Sounds a bit tragic. But she does get to be a princess in the end?
Not yet. But she does get to be the Duchess of Cambridge, thanks to her new grandma-in-law, who has just given her the title."

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