Monday, May 2, 2011

Darren Criss adoration, Part 3

 Darren Criss barely has time to think. Since the wildly popular 'Glee' star joined the cast in early November, he hasn't even had a chance to unpack; littered with 'Star Wars' gear and teenybopper mags bearing his all-American grin, his new house looks like something between a band's practice space and a college dorm room.
Hustling out the door at a little past noon, en route to a taping of 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show,' Criss looks like any other kid in his young Los Angeles neighborhood. Dressed in a faded grey University of Michigan t-shirt (his alma mater), black cardigan and jeans, he also sports tutti frutti-colored fingernails (a memento from his recent weekend at Coachella, which he attended in support of his brother's band, Freelance Whales).
 "I'm like, never here, man," the 24-year-old apologizes, when asked how he likes his nice new house. "I get home, crash, and I'm out the door."

"Keep in mind the amount of days that I've been going," he says, recounting his sleepless week. "I'm not bragging, here. This is me admitting that I'm somewhat insane, and I probably should be committed at some point in my life. It was one long day, starting Wednesday of last week. We had like fourteen-hour shoots Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. We got off Friday at 1:30AM and I decided to drive down to Coachella to see my brother. I did Coachella for two days -- just had a blast, went crazy, had a lot of fun. My manager was like 'don't stay Sunday; you gotta be ready for the rest of the week.' Of course I didn't follow his advice. So we kept going and then I got on a plane, and I was ready to go to sleep, but I was sitting next to the Black Eyed Peas, which was like the coolest thing ever. I was like, 'I can't sleep now, I gotta talk to these guys!' I talked to and Taboo, so that was really cool, and that was yesterday? No ... almost yesterday."
...Their performance is magnetic, and as their choreographer runs through some quick pointers, Ellen DeGeneres suddenly appears, looking chipper in khakis and a grey sweater. "You beautiful man, how are you?" she asks Criss with a warm hug. "Where's my underwear?"

She turns and spots a group of high school girls in the small audience. "This is horrible to have to watch, isn't it?" she kids. After a quick powwow with Darren and several others, she invites the girls down to meet the Warblers.

"We'd say you can join our club, but it's boys-only," Darren deadpans, suddenly in character. The girls giggle and take a picture.
..."People are always like 'oh, you're moving so fast, you're going from place to place to place, you don't have time to enjoy it.' But I'm like 'no, that's not how it works. I am enjoying it; that's why I'm moving so fast.' My mom always gets on my case 'cause at meals I always eat super fast, and she's like 'you don't take time to enjoy your meal!' and I'm like 'no, I enjoy the crap outta that meal, that's why I ate it so fast!'"

It's 6:15PM and Criss is lying on his living room floor, surrounded by teenybopper magazines, guitar amps, candy canes, unpacked boxes, a 'Calvin and Hobbes' book and the centerpiece of the room: a Boston grand piano.
..."The fan world and the fan concept is a far different one than it was 10 years ago," he says authoritatively. "I mean, as much as people make fun of Twitter, if I knew Kurt Cobain had a Twitter when I was 10, are you kidding me? Yeah, I would tweet at him every day, I would follow everything that he said. I would be on that Facebook page, looking up stuff, what he's doing next. I get goosebumps thinking about it. That would be amazing, I never had that."

To that end, Criss is extremely sympathetic to his fans, and says that he has not had any "crazy" fan interactions thus far.
"If a fan is doing something that they think is crazy, I see sincerity," he continues. "I see the genuine feeling behind it, so I don't get creeped out if people send messages or anything, because that is a medium for them to reach out to me, and I can only be appreciative of it."

"My mother came from the Philippines, she just comes from a simple mentality and a very a appreciative mentality," he says, explaining his ability to stay level-headed while surrounded by Hollywood.

"My mom worked really hard to come to this country, and it was something she dreamed of her whole life, and so I think that was really instilled in me as a kid. I try desperately to be as humble as possible at all times, and it's easy, because I'm so humbled by so many people that I get to work with.
I'm consistently inspired by people who I think are incredible. That's what keeps me grounded. I don't feel entitled to any of this, I feel like I'm a guest in a very immaculate ball and I'm really trying to look nice and be polite because I should be so lucky to be at this party, and I'm just trying not to make a fool of myself so they don't kick me out."
Source (The article there is longer, complete with a video and picture slideshow. Just saying.)

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