Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Unexpected Letter

Almost 3 years ago, in mid-August 2009, I flew to Colorado to visit my best friend. On my last day there, we drove to Ouray Hot Springs to hang out. I met an amazing boy there (his post is here). However, I had to fly home the next day. He gave me his address, and I wrote him letters-probably once a week for 2 months. After hoping and checking the mail every day, I never got anything back and simply stopped writing.

He became just a wonderful, amazing memory.

Over the years, I met more guys. Some were good, some were utterly fantastic, some were 'meh', a few were just "Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad".

However, today before my last class, my mom called me and told me I had gotten "a letter from Colorado"-and then she said his name.

Oh my god.

My mom cheerfully said that he had decorated the envelope, and that she would forward it to me tomorrow.

Why now?
A letter almost 3 years after I met him?
Sent from the same place I met him?

I want to read it right now. I feel terribly impatient.

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