Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Picture of the Day 14

I took this outside the Liberty Tree Tavern in Liberty Square. The Electric Light Parade was going on, as it usually does. This was the first float, Tinkerbell.

Because I basically only worked nights at Magic Kingdom, I hated this parade. The music was absolutely wretched, and the floats were so outdated-has any kid seen Pete's Dragon or Pinocchio?


My favorite Wishes position was on the Castle Ramps; in front of the Castle. I could people-watch instead of watching this terrible parade. Also, it was the one and only time I saw a proposal-during my first Wishes shift.

It was magical!

My tip for parade watching-if you're alone or with a small group, stand behind a stroller or an ECV (electrical wheelchair) about 15 minutes before the parade. You can take great photos that way, and you don't have to sit there for hours for the 'perfect spot'. Also, nobody stands in your way! This is especially good for me, because I'm 5'1".

Can I go back now? It's snowing in Montana, in late April.

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