Sunday, April 10, 2011

'How to Succeed' Press, Part 2

 “When you see a musical, it’s so complete, so massive that I can’t personally imagine where you could possibly start!” he says before realizing how funny that might sound coming from the star of one of the most fantastical film franchises ever. “Harry Potter is wizardry on film. It’s a certain amount of technical effects, and I know how that works, whereas in Broadway musicals, there are no effects. It’s just manpower and technical skill that create all that enormity.”
“There is something very special about being English in this city, because there’s a certain fascination with British culture,” he says. “I don’t know what it is, but I feel a lot cooler here than I do in England.”
“I’m much happier at home in front of the History Channel”...he does have a penchant for La Esquina dinners, ping-pong in Battery Park and anonymous walks in the West Village. “It’s quite good being this short; you just put your hood up and no one gives you a second glance really,” he says...“I’ve never felt better about myself as an actor than when I was on Broadway doing Equus, because I felt part of an artistic community. And I’m not slagging off London, because I love it, but the interplay and the amount of socializing between the shows in New York—it’s just glorious and doesn’t happen in the West End as far as I can tell.”
“Finch’s age has never been pinned down, but it’s never been played by someone as young as me. I think it changes the show when you’ve got someone my age playing him, versus someone in his 30s, doing things that can come off as nasty and manipulative. There’s an element of Falstaff to him—everything he does is morally reprehensible, but you love him and you back him.”
“When I did Equus I had to talk to myself and get my cock out every night for five months, but this will actually be quite good fun!”
“There was this amazing moment after the show when the crowd was packed across the street from the stage door at Equus and traffic was being held. On one night I called my then-girlfriend and said, ‘I just want you to know, and you can tell all of your friends, that your boyfriend has just stopped traffic on Broadway,’” he says with a laugh. “That was personally quite a cool moment in my life. You’ve got to be able to enjoy that stuff and take it for what it is. I will spend more years of my life without that than with it.”
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I love him.

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