Monday, March 14, 2011

Saturday Night

Things people told me when I went out on Saturday with friends:

At Sean Kelly's, I tried to make conversation with a guy sitting at the bar. I said "Hey."
" are you?"
I replied "Good, thanks. How are you?"
"....I'm okay.....having fun?" There were literally 5-10 second pauses. This excruciating conversation continued painfully slowly on his part, and eventually I put both of us out of our misery by saying "I'm going to go find my friends, have a good night."

I asked a cute guy to dance at a 'bro bar' called Bodega, and he said "You know, I'm not much of a dancer. But you are really pretty. I hope I see you around soon." 

What a good let-down.

After I went across the street to the Badlander, I found 2 of my favorite professors chatting with my friends. I joined in, and then we went our separate ways. My friends went to dance, and I went to get a drink. A guy thoughtfully paid for it, and I turned around to see this absolutely gorgeous tall man.

I started talking with him about the lack of diversity in Montana and it turns out he was from Ireland! I was flirting with him, as I do, when he said "Oh, this is my girlfriend." An adorable, tiny Japanese girl appeared out of nowhere and they wrapped their arms around each other.  I then recognized them from an article in my university's paper, and excitedly said so. They thanked me, and embarrassed, I bowed out of the conversation and went to find my friends. None of us were having luck with boys, so we decided to call it a night.

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