Friday, March 11, 2011

International Food and Wine Festival

 As a Disney cast member, I got the opportunity to eat at all 28 booths at Epcot's yearly food and wine festival. I did so in exactly a month, because I kept going back to the Flavors of Africa bread and dip thing at the Africa booth, and the Greek salad at the Greece booth. 28 booths were installed around Epcot's World Showcase. This was fantastic for anyone who loves food.
(Hard cider and cheese fondue from the Charcuterie)

Because of the free concerts the festival offers, I also saw Boys II Men in concert twice, once in the 6th row and once in the 2nd row, and Hanson. It was awesome.

(The Dessert Trio from Desserts and Champagne)

I also took advantage of one seminar, a Bunratty mead seminar where I was the only person to get ID'd. I got to try honey mead, some sort of awful vodka, and some Irish cream. At the cast member sale after the festival ended, I bought a bottle of the cream for $4.25 instead of $17. Fantastic.
(Mead seminar)

At the festival I ate a lot. A lot. However, not all booths offered something vegetarian, so I mostly had a glass of wine at those. I felt so classy!
 (Cheese plate and wine from Ireland)

(Flavors of Africa from South Africa's booth)

What I Ate:
Chile: wine
Desserts and Champagne: Dessert trio, which included something chocolaty, something strawberry, and something pear.
Brazil: Frozen alcoholic lemon drink
Puerto Rico: Limon mojito
Argentina: Corn and cheese empanada
Mexico: Esquites, passion fruit frozen margarita, conga fruit punch
Poland: Potato pierogie
China: Caramel ginger ice cream
South Korea: Black raspberry rice wine
South Africa: Flavors of Africa (I had this probably 4 times. It was amazing.)
Singapore: Spicy noodle salad (Delicious, it was supposed to come with shrimp)
Brewer’s Collection: Non-alcoholic beer (I had to work that night)
Germany: Apple strudel and Riesling wine
Italy: Primavera fruit smoothie (eh. It was okay)
Hops and Barley: Pecan bread pudding, Sam Adams Boston lager
United States: Heirloom tomato salad with blue cheese and red onions.
Japan: Junmai sake (No bueno. I hated it.)
Australia: Lamington, chocolate and coconut cake
Morocco: Baklava, tangerine mimosa
Belgium: Belgium waffle with fruit and whipped cream
Spain: Delightful almond cake, white wine
France: Escargot, milk chocolate crème brulee
Ireland: Kerrygold cheese plate (so damn good), chocolate lava cake with Bailey's cream, mead
Canada: Nanaimo bar
Charcuterie and Cheese: fondue plate (incredible, amazing) , hard cider
Greece: Spanakopita, Greek salad with pita bread, baklava, white wine
New Zealand: White wine
15 Beers for 15 years: Abita Purple Haze
 (Escargot in France. I know, I'm vegetarian. But I figured it was a once-in-a-really-long-time chance to try it. It was like garlicky, buttery, rubbery, brioche. I couldn't taste the snails at all)
(Greek salad with pita bread. One night, I got this just before leaving the park and going backstage to catch my bus, and it started raining. I was trying to balance a plate and an umbrella, and then tried to open a door, trying to keep the plate dry. The pita bread and salad went flying, in front of 2 really cute boys. I was so embarrassed.)
 Thanks Epcot, for being so damn delicious.

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  1. I absolutely love the food and wine festival! I am a new follower from the Disney Hop. Have a Magical Day!