Friday, March 4, 2011

A Crap Night

Last night, I went to Dead Hipster with my friend Rosa, as I do. A friend of hers came as well, and was absolutely delightful. I had a bit too much to drink, and I was dancing with a few different guys, but then after a song or two they would disappear or I would disappear.

I found a cute boy  with curly black hair from Spain, who I've seen and talked to for the last couple weeks. We chatted again, and an hour later, he found me again and said "I owe you a dance!"
"Oh yeah, you do!"
So we walked hand in hand to the dance floor, and started dancing, it was fun. He's a good dancer.

Then, literally right next to us, a fight broke out. One guy pushed another, and they started throwing punches. A bouncer ran over to break up the fight. However, a random girl got pushed to the ground, and was in danger of getting really hurt because it was so crowded.

So I reached down to help her up, and I got pushed to the floor. I skinned my knee pretty badly and my chin, and people were stepping all over me. I was looking frantically around for help, when I saw the Spanish boy standing next to the wall with his arms folded across his chest. He saw me, his eyes got wide, and he reached to help me up. Finally.

We started dancing again.
He kissed me a few times, which was nice. Then he pulled away and said "People are watching us."
"Well, we are in a public place."
"No, I have friends here, and I have a long-distance girlfriend in Spain, and I don't want them to tell her what I'm doing."
"But I think you're really hot, and I want to have sex with you. Here's my phone number. Will you call me?"
I just looked at him with utter contempt, and walked away shaking my head. I got some water, and waited for my friends to be ready to leave. An hour later, we did.

This is how I felt:

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