Friday, February 11, 2011


This post is purely because I just watched the new Disney trailer for the prom-themed movie. If you're interested, the link is here.

I went to prom all 4 years of high school. It was awesome.

Freshman year, I went with my brother's ex-girlfriend, and wore one of her dresses. I felt so awesome, a freshman hanging out with all these super-cool seniors! We went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. It was a really fun night; I danced with my friends and got to swing dance with the senior I had a major crush on.
 Sophmore year, a senior friend bought my ticket for me. My mom and I found a red sparkly dress at Goodwill (a thrift store) for $10. Another friend came over and did my hair (I'm not sure why I thought putting red ribbons in my hair was a stellar idea), and my mom drove me to Civic Center. I got to dance with the guy I had a crush on from choir., but spent most of the night wandering around alone and staring at other girls' dresses. It was semi-forgettable.
Junior year, I finally got up the nerve to ask the guy I had liked for years. He was home-schooled, an amazing dancer, and he said yes! I bought the tickets, my mom told me that she would make a dinner for me and my friends, I dug out the dress from freshman year, and I was so excited. I wore flats so I wouldn't be taller than him. 

My aunt in Michigan made a boutonniere for him and mailed it to me. I was so freaking excited, going to prom with a guy I liked? YES. Dinner was delicious, and 2 of my friends drove us there, because I didn't have my license yet. My date insisted on a professional picture, and then he wanted to dance. And we danced. A lot. Because he was a dancer, it was amazing. 

However, being a headstrong high-school girl, I had decided that if by the end of the night he hadn't kissed me, I would kiss him. The last song was playing, the lights in the Civic Center were starting to come up, and I thought 'it's now or never', and leaned in....

and he moved away.

I blinked, and then said the only thing that was running through my head. 
And with that, I walked away to get my coat and purse.
My friends very graciously gave me a ride home and I cried to my mom. The next day, he sent me a very lovely, apologetic message on myspace. We're now in the same college, and he has a lovely boyfriend. I should've known.
Senior year, I had a boyfriend. However, he was firmly anti-prom. I had met him my first day of high school, but we didn't start dating until after he had started college. Because we had just started dating, I didn't want to push him to do something he didn't want to do. So I asked one of my friends, who happened to be incredibly handsome, a fantastic dancer, and gay. Solved all my problems right there. My mom and I found a fantastic yellow dress at Goodwill for $15. He told me he was taking me to dinner since I bought the tickets, and he was going to match me.

I got him a boutonniere at the local flower shop, and one of our mutual friends did my hair. He showed up in a black suit with a yellow vest, tie, and socks. He looked amazing. He brought me a dozen yellow roses, and took me to dinner at the Montana Club, a really fancy restaurant. We went back to my house for pictures, and then he drove to the Civic Center. We danced, and drank the bad punch and ate strawberries and danced and danced more. About halfway through, we decided it was boring and he drove me home. It was the best prom I had ever been to.
 My brother decided he wanted to blow bubbles to make the pictures look different.

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