Monday, February 21, 2011

Montana, a place where everyone knows everyone

Last week, I joined a dating site. I was feeling lonely. It's what the kids do nowadays.

My friend and I had lunch today, and commiserated over her jackass of an ex-boyfriend.

He sent me a message tonight. Of course. It's Montana. I kept in mind what I knew about him from my friend, and found his message to be really pretentious.
 The subject was: Man Five Hundred Thousand Says Hello.


You mentioned bonding over video games. Using that piece of data, I'm sure you are utterly inundated with men contacting you. Internet. Woman. Video games. Instance digital target. I suppose I cannot say I'm much different the rest of the gaggle, but I'll throw my cards in regardless.

When I was a child, my parents said I would grow out of the silly little "Nintendo Games". They meant video games, but they knew nothing of the culture. I love games for various reasons: art, emotion, experiences impossible in real life, and they're just plain fun. In the end, life is about fun. Fun is important! Games are important. I love games. This is easily provable if you check my Steam game list (if you don't know Steam, it's a digital distribution service for games). I'm the first to admit that the sheer volume of games on that list is... pathetic. Embarrassing. And AWESOME. I'm quite proud of my nerddom. *Throws up the horns for being a nerd*

*cough* Alright. Now that's out of my system. I'm a huge movie buff. Not quite with Disney movies, but my tastes vary wildly. I can enjoy most things as long as they don't have massive, glaring plot holes. For some reason those bother me greatly. 

It's interesting to find someone with such defined goals at your age. Usually by the early twenties most people settle for a general area of a dream rather than a specific position. It's commendable. 

The rest of the message is after 'Read more'. Oh yeah, there's more.

Hamlet has a special place in my heart. At this very moment I have Hamlet in my DVDROM and a tab of my browser is dedicated to the play's text. Every watch and read leads me to find new, wonderful things. Shakespeare has a way of displaying the breadth of human emotions in a way that I find refreshing and astounding.

Other than Hamlet, I'm a huge reader. In fact, the other day I went to a local bookstore and grabbed 3 more books to add to my absurdly long queue of tomes. I keep the stack next to my bed and gain a certain comfort knowing I have so much left to read. It's a wonderful feeling.

Writing. I write every night. Anything that comes to mind, I pen to a document. The power of words has intrigued me for years, and not just because of Hamlet and Shakespeare. A proper letter can change an hour, a day, a lifetime. That... is worth practicing and honoring.

Baking is a hobby of mine. I bake a couple times a week. Saturday I baked a yummy stack of Pumpkin/Chocolate chip cake cookies. They are delicious, and I gave some to my friend and my co-workers. They enjoyed them. I enjoy giving them out. It's a win-win.

Anyway. Those are my cards. If anything, I hope having another man contact you put a smile on your face.

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