Sunday, February 6, 2011

Irrevelent American

I don't want to write too much about the situation in Egypt, because my blog isn't really about thought-provoking, well-written, political events where people get hurt. Maybe it should be, but it's mostly about boys, my stories, Disney, and my love of all things Harry Potter.

I've been going around the internet a ton, reading the news and watching CNN almost non-stop. I'm adoring Piers Morgan's show, and Anderson Cooper. I've also been watching the fantastic Rachel Maddow's show. I was on this site a few days ago, and some members were posting  pictures from Egypt.
Christians forming a circle around the Muslims so they can pray in semi-peace. This photo was taken by Twitter user Nevine Zaki, here's the link to the original post. She also has a lot of other pictures here
Police hosing down the protesters, source unknown
 Found here

I could post the video of the person getting run over by the bus, or someone who had gotten shot, or all the bloodiness that's going on, but I don't want to look at that right now.

I've also read these articles:
Committee to Protect Journalists, written about journalists being assaulted: This article
Mother Jones magazine, trying to explain the situation as it happens: This is the link
NY Times, an article about the protests in Cairo: Link is here

When I was reading an article's comments (the one where I found all the pictures), I clicked over on an lj username to a girl who lives in Romania. She's been to Egypt, and wrote an incredibly insightful post on her thoughts about this...uprising? I guess that's the right word to use.

Her well-written post is found here: Follow this link

I hope everyone stays safe, and that nobody else gets hurt. I know that's a hope that's not going to happen. I hope that Mubarak leaves soon, and that the transition to a new government is peaceful. I hope Egypt's priceless treasures and its' people stay out of harms way. Anderson Cooper left Egypt, I hope all the other journalists there are staying safe as best as possible and return home whole.


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