Monday, February 14, 2011

Disney Princess Post 8 (Belle)

Belle is my favorite princess. She's a reader, she's smart, she's self-assured, and knows that beauty comes from what's within. Her movie is Beauty and the Beast, the best scene is the waltz to the same-titled song. The first time I met Belle at Disney World, I cried.

Belle can be found at Magic Kingdom in Adventureland, at Epcot in fake France, and at Hollywood Studios at the Art of Animation on nights when Fantasmic isn't playing. I've also met her at 'Akershus' in fake Norway, where she's the first Princess you meet, and at 'Cinderella's Royal Table' at the Magic Kingdom.
Belle is paired with the Beast at fake France in Epcot.
 Just after the last 'Storytime with Belle' at Magic Kingdom.
 More Belle photos are behind the cut, click 'Read more'. As always, click on a picture to make it bigger.

 At 'Akershus', in fake Norway for my friend's birthday!
 Heading to Toontown after work, before the park closed.
 At Cinderella's Royal Table, December 2010!
Belle in her 'winter wear' at Epcot in fake France

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