Saturday, February 12, 2011

Disney Princess Post 6 (Snow White)

Snow White is Disney's first princess. Her move is self-titled. She doesn't do much after eating the apple. She likes wishing that "Someday my prince will come", baking and cleaning for 7 dwarves, has lots of animal friends, and eventually her movie ends by her prince waking her up with a kiss, and whisking her off into the sunset on his white horse. Her dress and hair is awesome.
Snow White can be found at Magic Kingdom on Main Street, at Epcot in fake Germany , and at Hollywood Studios at the Art of Animation on nights when Fantasmic isn't playing. I've also met her at 'Akershus' in fake Norway and at 'Cinderella's Royal Table' at the Magic Kingdom.
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 At Akershus for a roommate's birthday.
At Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween party!
 At Akershus a second time, celebrating a friend's birthday.
At Cinderella's Royal Table in December

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