Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Disney Princess Post 10 (Ariel)

Ariel, the red haired mermaid who turns into a human for true love, is one of Disney's more popular princesses. I saw a ton of little Ariels around Disney World. Her movie is The Little Mermaid. The movie has delightful sidekicks such as Scuttle the ...pelican?, Sebastian the crab, Max the dog and Flounder the fish. The movie has such awesome songs as 'Kiss the Girl', 'Under the Sea', 'Part of Your World', 'Poor Unfortunate Souls', and the fish-killing song, 'Les Poissons'. Her prince is named Eric, who is delightfully badass and handsome. He slays Ursula the sea witch!

Ariel can be found in her human form at Magic Kingdom in Adventureland. Ariel's Grotto, where you could meet her in mermaid form in Fantasyland, was taken away in early August 2010. I've also met her at 'Akershus' in fake Norway, and at 'Cinderella's Royal Table' at the Magic Kingdom.
Ariel is sometimes paired with Eric in Adventureland, if you're lucky.
 At 'Akershus' in fake Norway the first time, celebrating a roommate's birthday.
 At 'Akershus' a second time, celebrating a friend's birthday
 One of my favorites, right after I had gotten Flounder. She said that Flounder should be fatter.
 At my College Program's winter formal, at Coronado Springs Resort.

To see more pictures of Ariel, click 'Read more'. As always, click on the picture to make it bigger.

Ariel in her 'winter wear'. 
 At Cinderella's Royal Table in December. She was showing off her human legs!
 She wrote in my autograph book "To Princess Anna, Someday you'll be part of our world! Love and fishes, Ariel". I love her.
 Meeting Ariel for the first time in Toontown's (now non-existent) princess tent.

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