Monday, February 7, 2011

Disney Princess Post 1 (Princess Aurora)

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Princess Aurora goes by three names. Sleeping Beauty, Aurora, or Brier Rose. She can be found in fake France in Epcot (next to the gardens) and in Magic Kingdom. She can also be found at 'Akershus', the princess meals at Epcot in fake Norway, and 'Cinderella's Royal Table'. Her prince slays a dragon, and her movie is called, of course, 'Sleeping Beauty'.
 This was taken the first time I ate at Akershus, in fake Norway for one of my roommates' birthday. Before dinner, I did hopscotch in the fake UK in 3.5 inch heels. I also had a terrible sunburn.
Once Upon a Dream in fake France...more pictures can be found if you click on the link!

Saying hi to Aurora on Christmas day before I went to work.
My second time at Akershus, in fake Norway. This was for a friend's birthday, who was visiting from Montana!
The first time I met Aurora! 
Taking Mr. Pricklepants on a tour of Disney World

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