Sunday, January 30, 2011

Truly Gallant

Last Thursday I went out in Missoula for the first time! I went out back in May for my 21st birthday, but it was bar hopping-we didn't stay at one place for very long. My friend convinced me to go to the Badlander, because it was the 150th Dead Hipster dance party.

Ooh, sounds fun! 

She picked me up and we drove to the bar. On the way there, I told her “my goal tonight is to find a petty boy to kiss.” She said “That’s a good goal. I’ll help you out!” She’s such a good friend.

I wore the pretty black and white dress that I found last summer at Ross for super cheap and went to House of Blues in.

We walked in, and it was packed. I joined the crowd to get a dollar drink (best price ever). I was standing next to a super tall guy in a blue button up shirt and blondish-brownish hair.
The bartender served me before him, and I apologized, since he had been waiting longer. He shrugged, smiled and said "It's because you're really cute."
"Oh, thanks."
I got my drink, and went off with my friend to dance. I thought about the guy a little more, and then decided to ask him to dance. I found him, and before I could ask him to dance, he asked me if he could buy me a drink. For a dollar, sure.
When we got to the bar, the first thing he asked me was if he stuck out. "Well, you're really tall...why?"
"I'm a lot older."
Wait. ..."How much older?"
"Do I look it?"
"I have no idea."

Well shit, NOW he does.

"How old are you?"
"Goddamn, you're young. Well, I live near here. Can I get your phone number?"
"I don't give mine out, but I'll take yours."
"Okay." He gave me his number, and then said "Well, I'll be around if you want to dance with me. I'm assuming you will."

How pretentious. 

I see my friend, thank him for the drink, and leave. My friend and I are talking when she says "Anna, turn around." I do, and see this gorgeous guy with brown hair and bright blue eyes and an amazing smile.
"Oh man, he's pretty!"
"I know! Go talk to him."
"I don't think I can do that."
"Yes, you can! Go!"

I take a breath and walk towards him. Out of my mouth comes "Hi. This is going to sound really awkward, but I just finished working at Disney World, and you have a really pretty smile and eyes. And you could totally be a Disney prince."
He smiles and says "That's not awkward at all, thank you so much!"

We start talking, and it turns out he's from Helena and graduated from the other high school in 2005. He just got back from Iraq, and is in the Navy.

Well hello, sailor.

His friend comes up and introduces himself; he’s an acquaintance’s brother. When the boy leaves to go get drinks, I foolishly tell his friend “I really want to kiss him. Please don’t tell him.”
"Oh, don’t worry.”
The boy comes back, and as his friend is sipping his drink, he tells him “Anna really wants to make out with you.”

Thanks so much.

The boy looks at me. “Really?”
I blush. “Yeah…Would you like to dance?”
“I’d love to.”

He takes my hand and leads me to the dance floor. We start dancing, and then during a Katy Perry song, he kisses me for the first time. We keep dancing and kissing, he buys me drinks, we go outside so he can smoke, more dancing and kissing ensue, even more kissing; it’s fantastic.

Then the last song starts playing, ‘Sweet Caroline’. He keeps spinning me around and we’re singing along and it’s glorious. The lights come on, and I check the time. 2am. I’ve been dancing with him for 2 and half hours.

My friend had left; I had assured her that I had a way to get home. The boy’s friend tells me that he’s calling a cab and we should wait outside.

We’re waiting outside, I’m wearing his sweatshirt, people are catcalling as they drive by because we’re kissing on a street corner super late at night, and it’s super ridiculously cold.

About half an hour later, it becomes clear that the cab isn’t coming. The boy says he’ll walk me home, and he does. Holding hands, helping me so I don’t fall on the ice, putting his arm around me, he’s gallant and chivalrous in every way.

He tells me that he has to head back to Helena at 6am. I tell him that’s fine, and that he can sleep for a few hours in my dorm if he wants to. Happily, he agrees.

We make it back to campus and my room. We kiss for hours, and fall asleep cuddling. Before falling asleep, he tells me “You have no idea how beautiful you are. And sexy, my god! I wish I didn’t have to go.” My alarm goes off at 6am, as planned.

He gets up and I offer him coffee, hot chocolate, food. He refuses everything and tells me to “just go back to sleep. You have stuff to do today.” I offer to wait outside with him until his friend comes. “Are you crazy? I don’t want you to freeze. Go back to bed, baby.”

I walk him to the door in my classy superhero pajama pants and England t-shirt. I tell him how to get to the parking lot, and he kisses me again.
I ask “I’m never going to see you again, am I?”
“Probably not.”
“Okay. Thanks for a fun night.”
“Thank you, the pleasure was all mine.”
There was one last kiss; he left as I went back to bed. He had given me his number, and so I texted him in the afternoon, ‘Hey, it’s Anna. Thanks for a good night, hope you made it to Helena okay.’

It was the perfect night, no expectations.

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