Friday, January 21, 2011

Mom and Dad come to Disney World!

What happened in my parents 4 day and first visit to Disney World:

Friday, Dec. 10:
My parents arrived!
Dinner in Morocco, the quick service one
Whoopi Goldberg at the Candlelight Processional
Beer in Germany for dad
Illuminations-watched in Germany
Mexico boat ride
Soarin’-they loved it

Saturday, Dec. 11
Street Party-Mom and I danced with Goofy and Mr. Incredible while Dad took pictures
Big Thunder Mountain
Pirates of the Caribbean
Swiss Family Robinson
Snow White
Winnie the Pooh-walked them up the exit!
Lunch in Mexico-the quick service, it was really disappointing. We had to sit on the ground to eat.
Dessert in Norway-delicious, should've gotten lunch there instead.
I went to work- Dad bought wine in France, wandered around the world showcase, took the monorail to Magic Kingdom, saw the castle lighting, Jungle Cruise, Philharmagic, dinner at Cosmic Rays, watched Wishes, met me at Winnie the Pooh gift shop

Sunday, Dec. 12
Fastpasses for Soarin’
Lunch at Rose and Crown-so delicious! I had the vegetarian sheperd's pie and a chocolate milkshake, they had fish and chips and beer
Kim Possible- we saved the world in Mexico!
Off Kilter-Mom and Dad loved them, like I knew they would
Met Ruth! Unexpectedly delightful, she was on her way to work.
Club Cool-Dad tried the beverly, brave man
Soarin’-for the second time
Went to Animal Kingdom
Lion King show-yay! 3 singers, the girl was missing; we were in the lion section, handsome young guy singer high-fived all of us!!
Dad and I went on Everest-literally no wait.
Hollywood Studios to see the lights-we came, we saw, we left
Bus to Downtown Disney
Dinner at Portobello’s

Monday, Dec. 13
Animal Kingdom
Fastpasses for Everest
Jungle Trek
Sanaa for lunch-best view, we saw giraffes, zebras, antelope, ostriches, cranes, wildebeests…so cool and delicious
We all conquered Everest!!
Flights of Wonder bird show
Pangini forest trail
Lion King show-second time, all 4 singers were there! We were in the giraffe section.
Cappuccinos and hot chocolate
Bus to Epcot
Spaceship Earth
Met Aladdin and Jasmine
Shopping in Japan
Via Napoli for dinner
Dessert at the boulangerie in France
Monorail to Magic Kingdom
Castle pictures
Haunted Mansion
Hall of Presidents

Tuesday, Dec. 14
Boat ride over to the Grand Floridian
Breakfast at 1900 Park Fare-met Pooh, Tigger, Alice, the Mad Hatter, and Mary Poppins!
We said goodbye


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    And... Yeah, I kind of (totally) read it. (I didn't read it all, there're still some articles I haven't read yet since I dicovered your blog around midnight and.... Kind of had an exam the next day. But reading your blog was kind of... Like prozac to me I guess. Helped me get rid of my stress.)

    I don't know why I read it ( I mean, your blog didn't answer my question about the unicorn quote). Maybe I was bored. Or maybe I was just curious...... No, who am I fooling ? I totally read it because...You know, it's like finding someone's diary. You can choose to let it go, or to open it. Well... Now you know that I'm the kind of person that would actually read it, cause I'm a pathetic (unicorn) girl , I guess (?).


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    Your stories about the guys you met (I mean, most of all : the english soldier !!!! So sweet ! ), your work at disneyland, they made my day. It was so nice to read you and your adventures.I mean, when I read it, I was sooo nervous about my stupid exam that I hadn't been sleeping or eating for several days. And then it just gave me faith I guess. Well not faith like I believe in God now or anything, but maybe some confidence. Confidence that the world is not just about exams and college and succeeding. That there is more to life.That there is a lit of people dealing with lots of things. That I am not alone. & that one little stupid exam is not going to change my life forever...

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  2. Hi Marie,

    Thank you so much! I'm glad you found this in a roundabout way. You made my day! I hope your exam went well. Also, the reason I have this is for people to read, even if I don't publicize it at all. I'm glad you like reading some of it, I like writing it.

    The 'Pathetic Unicorn' thing is from Meg Cabot's 10th Princess Diaries book. The main character keeps a diary and at one point writes "I know. I'm pathetic. A pathetic unicorn" when faced with boy problems.

    Hope all's well, thanks again for the lovely comment! Your English is much better than my French.

  3. Hi Anna !

    I wasn't expecting an answer that quickly! Thanks for taking the time to read my loooonnnnng comment. And thank you for finally answering my question about the unicorn thing. Not that it was killing me not to know but still.

    My exam went well I guess, thanks to you, in a way. I study law in Paris, so I have so many things to learn every time I have to take an exam. And the more I study , the more I think that.... This is not really what I want to do. (I have a quite annoying tendancy to tell my life hm).

    Well, thank you so much for your answer. I hope you're ok too and that you will be able to study Pop Culture & American Musical/Honors.



    PS : I bet your french is not that bad.