Sunday, January 16, 2011

Julie Andrews love!

 In late December, I was at Snow White greeter. A lovely guest relations woman came over and asked if I would let her party of 13 go up the wheelchair line. I said yes, because it's protocol, and asked her how people got the tour guide. She said "Well, to get a guest relations tour guide for the parks is $300 an hour."

I asked her about some of the benefits, and she said that families have taken her to Universal for the day, as a guest, because she drove them there. She said she had been with Disney for 13 years, and that her favorite park to tour is Epcot, and the hardest is the Studios.

We kept chatting, and I asked her what her favorite moment was. She thought for a bit, and then said all nonchalantly "Probably getting paid to have dinner with Julie Andrews at the California Grill."
My jaw literally dropped. "....What?"
"Yeah. It was awesome. I'm friends with her daughter Emma, so every time they write a book, they send me an autographed copy."
"That' incredibly cool!" JEALOUS.

In other news, Julie Andrews is getting a Lifetime Achievement award at the Grammys this year!

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