Monday, January 31, 2011

Meeting Barack Obama

Also known as, one of the best days of my life.

On April 4 and 5, 2008 I was lucky enough to go to 2 rallies in Missoula, one for Barack Obama and one for Hillary Clinton. I met them both, and I met Bill Clinton in June. This is my story about meeting Obama.

Saturday morning, April 4: Got up at 7 and got ready. Left the dorms at 7:40 with Clark and Tia, met with Michael and Michelle. Stood in line (the line stretched a long way).

After about 50 minutes of waiting, and getting asked if my voter registration was up-to-date about 28 times, I got in with Clark, Tia, Michael and Michelle! They checked my ticket at the door and I went through security (like airport security, except I didn't have to take my shoes off.) Clark, Tia and I found our way down to the floor (I found out today I wasn't supposed to be there. Yikes.), and talked. I got a 'Change we can Believe in' sign! Barack was only 3 minutes late after his introductions, which I appreciated after waiting 45 minutes for John Edwards in the fall.
He walked in to a huge, long, standing ovation from some 8,000 people. Barack talked about how he enjoyed saying the name 'Missoula' and Montana "has some pretty country out here". He also wants to come back and take up fly fishing. He talked about the things he's talked about in speeches before-ending the war in Iraq, how he opposed it from the beginning, making college affordable, tax cuts, why he was running now (he can't afford to wait), he's sure that he and Hillary will be united by the convention in June, and lots of other things. What I remember the most that he ended his speech by talking about hope.
 Obama's speech was incredibly inspirational and made me almost sure the he was candidate for me, I decided to wait until after Clinton's rally to be totally sure.

The rally was on CNN and later on CSPAN.

After he finished speaking, I turned to my friends and told them I was going to try my luck with meeting Obama. I was on the floor, and was able to get to the front of the metal dividers by doing my sad Bambi eyes and saying "I just really want to shake his hand." A lot of people thought that was adorable, and let me through. I was this close to him:
 (Taken with my cell phone camera)

He came up to me and smiled his smile:
And I just...melted. All thoughts of what I was going to say to him flew out of my head. He shook my hand, and out of my mouth came "You're so handsome." He looked at me, laughed a little and said "Thank you very much." I then said "Have fun in Butte!" He smiled at me again and said "Oh, I will."
 No big deal, I talked to the future President of the United States and shook his hand.


His campaign team had taken my magazine so he could sign it backstage, and they brought it out about 20 minutes after he had finished shaking everyone's hand and disappeared off the gym floor. One of his team member came out with a big stack of books and magazines and started calling the names we had written on them. I showed them my ID, and got my magazine:

 (The picture is now framed and in my room at home)

I left the Adams Center floating on air and hoping my encounter with Hillary Clinton would go as well as this one did.

Missoula's a ghost town

When I went out on Saturday, I saw a boy I hadn't seen in awhile. The DJ from 2 years ago. (His story is too embarrassing and an example of a terrible person to be on my blog).

My brother's girlfriend and I booed him when the emcee was talking about him. I know, I'm super mature.

On Sunday, my ex-boyfriend from last year was cleaning tables at the Food Zoo while I was eating omelets with my brother. (Here's his story)

I stuck my tongue out when his back was turned. I'm super mature, did I mention that?

Today, I was paying for coffee at the store on campus and who walks by me but fake Irish boy (His story is three parts. Saga, Part 1, Saga, Part 2, Saga, Part 3). He gave me a half smile as he walked by, as if he didn't deny ever seeing me, let alone sleeping with me last year. I took a breath, turned bright red with the embarrassing memories, paid, and left.
Orlando was awesome, it wasn't a ghost town. I met boys who I would see one night, and then never see them again. In three days, I've seen three guys who I had hoped to never see again for various reasons. Ugh!

Lame, lame, lame.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Truly Gallant

Last Thursday I went out in Missoula for the first time! I went out back in May for my 21st birthday, but it was bar hopping-we didn't stay at one place for very long. My friend convinced me to go to the Badlander, because it was the 150th Dead Hipster dance party.

Ooh, sounds fun! 

She picked me up and we drove to the bar. On the way there, I told her “my goal tonight is to find a petty boy to kiss.” She said “That’s a good goal. I’ll help you out!” She’s such a good friend.

I wore the pretty black and white dress that I found last summer at Ross for super cheap and went to House of Blues in.

We walked in, and it was packed. I joined the crowd to get a dollar drink (best price ever). I was standing next to a super tall guy in a blue button up shirt and blondish-brownish hair.
The bartender served me before him, and I apologized, since he had been waiting longer. He shrugged, smiled and said "It's because you're really cute."
"Oh, thanks."
I got my drink, and went off with my friend to dance. I thought about the guy a little more, and then decided to ask him to dance. I found him, and before I could ask him to dance, he asked me if he could buy me a drink. For a dollar, sure.
When we got to the bar, the first thing he asked me was if he stuck out. "Well, you're really tall...why?"
"I'm a lot older."
Wait. ..."How much older?"
"Do I look it?"
"I have no idea."

Well shit, NOW he does.

"How old are you?"
"Goddamn, you're young. Well, I live near here. Can I get your phone number?"
"I don't give mine out, but I'll take yours."
"Okay." He gave me his number, and then said "Well, I'll be around if you want to dance with me. I'm assuming you will."

How pretentious. 

I see my friend, thank him for the drink, and leave. My friend and I are talking when she says "Anna, turn around." I do, and see this gorgeous guy with brown hair and bright blue eyes and an amazing smile.
"Oh man, he's pretty!"
"I know! Go talk to him."
"I don't think I can do that."
"Yes, you can! Go!"

I take a breath and walk towards him. Out of my mouth comes "Hi. This is going to sound really awkward, but I just finished working at Disney World, and you have a really pretty smile and eyes. And you could totally be a Disney prince."
He smiles and says "That's not awkward at all, thank you so much!"

We start talking, and it turns out he's from Helena and graduated from the other high school in 2005. He just got back from Iraq, and is in the Navy.

Well hello, sailor.

His friend comes up and introduces himself; he’s an acquaintance’s brother. When the boy leaves to go get drinks, I foolishly tell his friend “I really want to kiss him. Please don’t tell him.”
"Oh, don’t worry.”
The boy comes back, and as his friend is sipping his drink, he tells him “Anna really wants to make out with you.”

Thanks so much.

The boy looks at me. “Really?”
I blush. “Yeah…Would you like to dance?”
“I’d love to.”

He takes my hand and leads me to the dance floor. We start dancing, and then during a Katy Perry song, he kisses me for the first time. We keep dancing and kissing, he buys me drinks, we go outside so he can smoke, more dancing and kissing ensue, even more kissing; it’s fantastic.

Then the last song starts playing, ‘Sweet Caroline’. He keeps spinning me around and we’re singing along and it’s glorious. The lights come on, and I check the time. 2am. I’ve been dancing with him for 2 and half hours.

My friend had left; I had assured her that I had a way to get home. The boy’s friend tells me that he’s calling a cab and we should wait outside.

We’re waiting outside, I’m wearing his sweatshirt, people are catcalling as they drive by because we’re kissing on a street corner super late at night, and it’s super ridiculously cold.

About half an hour later, it becomes clear that the cab isn’t coming. The boy says he’ll walk me home, and he does. Holding hands, helping me so I don’t fall on the ice, putting his arm around me, he’s gallant and chivalrous in every way.

He tells me that he has to head back to Helena at 6am. I tell him that’s fine, and that he can sleep for a few hours in my dorm if he wants to. Happily, he agrees.

We make it back to campus and my room. We kiss for hours, and fall asleep cuddling. Before falling asleep, he tells me “You have no idea how beautiful you are. And sexy, my god! I wish I didn’t have to go.” My alarm goes off at 6am, as planned.

He gets up and I offer him coffee, hot chocolate, food. He refuses everything and tells me to “just go back to sleep. You have stuff to do today.” I offer to wait outside with him until his friend comes. “Are you crazy? I don’t want you to freeze. Go back to bed, baby.”

I walk him to the door in my classy superhero pajama pants and England t-shirt. I tell him how to get to the parking lot, and he kisses me again.
I ask “I’m never going to see you again, am I?”
“Probably not.”
“Okay. Thanks for a fun night.”
“Thank you, the pleasure was all mine.”
There was one last kiss; he left as I went back to bed. He had given me his number, and so I texted him in the afternoon, ‘Hey, it’s Anna. Thanks for a good night, hope you made it to Helena okay.’

It was the perfect night, no expectations.

November 18, 2010

 Getting dinner at Wolfgang Puck Express in Downtown Disney before the epic adventure.
I am the nerdiest Harry Potter fan, with my Disney Point to my HP Adventure ticket. The Adventure was that the movie theatre showed 'Order of the Phoenix', then 'Half Blood Prince', then 'Deathly Hallows Part 1' at midnight. It was an over-excited crying fest for me. The theatre booed when Umbridge appeared, collectively cried during all the deaths, and applauded at the end of each movie. Super large popcorn and Cokes were to be had during this epic 7 and a half hour event.

It was amazing, in every sense of the word.

Cinderella's Royal Table

On December 8, my friend Ruth and I decided to try our luck at getting into Cinderella's Royal Table for breakfast. It's strongly suggested that you make reservations there 180 days in advance. Since we were cast members, we thought we'd try getting in....with no reservation. At all. We got to Magic Kingdom around 9 and headed straight to the castle.

I walked up to the woman at the front desk and said "Hi, we're cast members and we don't have reservations, but I have a friend who works here who told me that you usually have a few empty tables during the last breakfast. I was wondering what the chances were of us getting in..."
She looked at me, in my pretty skirt, and smiled. "How many?"
"Two, please."
"Well, I can get you a table at 10:30...or you can come in right now."

I literally squealed with happiness. "Seriously?"
"Thank you so, so much!"
"My pleasure. What's your name?"

I told her my name and we made some small talk, then sat on a bench and waited for our name to be called. We walked into the castle, where we were handed a royal invitation and waited for our picture with Cinderella.
She was in her 'winter wear'.

Of course, I had to get a picture of me losing my shoe in the castle in hopes of finding my Prince Charming.
We then waited some more, and then our name got called to go upstairs! We trekked up the stairs, and after being seated, were given Wishing Stars and magic wands!
 With my Wishing Star and wand!
There was a ceremony when everyone in the restaurant made a wish with our eyes closed, and when we opened them, there were twinkling lights all over. It was magical.

Cinderella's Royal Invitation!

Our fantastic server came around to take our order, and we both ordered the cream cheese stuffed french toast. It came with bacon. We sent it back, because we're both vegetarian. It came back, thankfully with no meat. There was also a basket with croissants, pan au chocolat, and cinnamon rolls.
 Ruth got tea, I got coffee, and the meal came with orange juice.
The french toast was one of the best things I've ever eaten.

The thing about character dining (I did a lot of it while I was there) is that no matter how prepared you think you are, a character will ALWAYS come up to you while you're chewing. And it always surprises me. Here I am, talking to Ruth and here's Aurora! Quick, swallow so you can make conversation and not look stupid!

Here are the princesses we met:
Aurora! She
Snow White wrote in my autograph book "Someday your prince will come too! Love, Snow White" She was amazing. Her dress is Ruth's favorite.
Belle is our favorite princess. She wrote in my autograph book "To Anna, Beauty comes from what's within, Love, Belle" We talked about books and the Beast and it was delightful.
Ariel, showing off her legs, because she'd much rather have those than fins because "flipping your fins you don't get too far".
Ariel was the best Ariel, personality-wise. She wrote in my autograph book "Someday you'll be part of our world! Love, Ariel", after I told her that Eric is my favorite prince. She also remembered that I had met her a few days ago, and she had signed my book "To Princess Anna, love and fishes, Ariel". She went through my book to find it. She was amazing.

After we had met all the princesses and finished our amazing, amazing breakfast, we paid the check. It was 50% off because of the cast member holiday coupon book. It was still expensive ($30 for each of us, 18% gratuity included), but it was worth every penny. It's not like I can eat in a castle every day with princesses and my best friend.

After breakfast, we took our time leaving the castle, stopping to take a few pictures.
Using my Disney Point, I found my knight in shining armor!

Make sure you keep an eye out for Jaques and Gus-Gus when you're waiting to meet Cinderella. They're on the wall by the fireplace.
After that, we met Lady Tremaine and the Ugly Stepsisters outside the castle in Fantasyland!

After photographing the murals, it was time to go on Haunted Mansion! After that, Ruth went to hear Jodi Benson narrate the Candlelight Processional, and I went to work.

It was the best breakfast ever.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"So long, partner"

I'm sick. Every time I swallow, it hurts. It feels like my throat is closing up. A trip to the campus health center needs to happen.

In happier news, I like my classes and my job!

In sadder news, I miss my other half. My London best friend who's back in Disney World. I'm the Woody to her Buzz. I didn't expect to find such an amazing friend while I was there, but I'm so incredibly glad I did.

When we met Cinderella in our Disney tiaras

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yeah, Best Picture Nomination!

Woody: "Look Jessie, I know you hate me for leaving, but I have to go back. I'm still Andy's toy. Well, if you knew him, you'd understand. See, Andy's..."
Jessie: "Let me guess. Andy's a real special kid, and to him, you're his buddy, his best friend, and when Andy plays with you it's like... even though you're not moving, you feel like you're alive, because that's how he sees you."
Andy: "Now Woody, he's been my pal for as long as I can remember. He's brave, like a cowboy should be. And kind, and smart. But the thing that makes Woody special, is he'll never give up on you... ever. He'll be there for you, no matter what."

Random Thought

I got this in an email from my mom earlier this week.

She wrote "...It's actually from a historian in Maine but Mark Shields shared it on an interview recently..."
"This is America, where a white Catholic male Republican judge was murdered on his way to greet a Democratic Jewish woman member of Congress, who was his friend. Her life was saved initially by a 20-year-old Mexican-American gay college student, and eventually by a Korean-American combat surgeon, all eulogized by our African-American President." -- Mark Shields, PBS


Feeling blah? School getting to you?

How 'bout a Corgi puppy in a mailbox?

Did that make you smile?


How 'bout Darren Criss holding a stuffed animal, surrounded by donations for Toys for Tots?

Still nothing?

Hmm. How 'bout Orlando Bloom with his son, Flynn?
 Really? Nothing's working?

Jon Stewart's dancing makes everything better!

AND watching Draco Malfoy getting punched in the face by Hermione. That's good too!

Sunday, January 23, 2011



I have the worst kind of crush on him.

Also, I'm going to New York City in May! When he'll be on Broadway again, this time in 'How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying', a musical!

I'm totally going.

A promotional picture from the show


Maybe I can go to a 'Daily Show' taping too!

Punch to the face!

This story is really long. It could also be titled 'How I got punched in the face while doing something most college students do'.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

He adores Tinkerbell...

Quite clearly, the coolest guy ever.

Let's zoom in! (The woman ahead of him is his wife.)


"This song reminds me of you!"

I went out on a lot of dates while I was in Florida. This story is one of the more interesting ones.

My first month there, I was on the bus home from House of Blues. A nice guy offered me his seat, and I sat next to 2 guys from India. How exotic! The cute one asked for my phone number, and not being wary enough, I gave it to him.

He texted me the next day, and we made plans to go to Animal Kingdom.
He then changed it to 'let's go watch a movie!' Okay. I can do that. 
'Come over to my apartment before I go to work. I'll cook for you!' Um. Okay. 
I tell him I'm vegetarian. 'No problem!' he says.

So I get up early, put on a pretty green skirt, blue shirt and ballet flats, and take the bus over to his apartment. One of his roommates', also from India, who I had never met, opened the door...wearing a turban.

It was honestly the first time I had seen someone wearing a turban in 'real life'. He looked like a man that never smiled. "You must be Anna." He invited me, and told me to sit down. So I did. India boy (that's how I'm going to refer to him) wasn't in the room.

I sat there as his roommate stared at me. "You look like a Barbie" he observed. "Um, thank you." "Yes. You could be a model in India." It was then that India boy walked in...with an orange towel on his head and carrying a prayer book.


He hugged me in greeting, and then said "it's time for my morning prayers." He proceeded to sit cross-legged on the coffee table...and pray in silence. For 20 minutes.

20 minutes. In silence.

I sat there awkwardly, wondering what I should do. Make conversation with The Roommate Who Doesn't Smile? Pray with him? Text someone? I should've brought a book!

About 10 minutes in, his roommate gets up, crosses to the kitchen in a hurry, and pours a glass of orange juice. He brings it over to me, and says "I'm sorry it took me so long to attend on you", accompanied by a little bow. " problem? Thanks for the juice."

Finally, India guy finishes his silent prayers, sighs a deep sigh, and exits the room, still with the towel on his head. I'm holding my juice, wondering what just happened. India guy re-entered the room, without the towel, and says "my roommate has work to do out here, let's go to my room." "Sure."

We go his room, and start to talk. I ask him what he does for fun in India. "Goat bashing!" "What's that?"
"We bet on goats, and they bash each others' heads in."
"It's really fun!"
"Why not?...Oh! I made you food!"

He leaves the room, and comes back with two bowls of Indian rice pudding. He tells me that he stayed up late watching Youtube videos to learn how to make it...and that it's his mother's recipe. These stories conflict, but I don't say anything. It was delicious.

We finish eating, and India guy tells me that he really likes going to malls. And drinking there. He likes shopping while intoxicated. Awesome. Apparently, he brings a flask with him. Pure class, truly. He invites me and I tell him that I wouldn't like to get arrested for public intoxication, thanks.

We keep talking, and eventually I yawn. He asks if I'm tired. Well, yeah. He puts his arm around me, and we cuddle for a few minutes before he kisses me.
Is this a cure for being tired? Eh, I decide to go with it.
However, his mouth turns into a vacuum. Not in a good way. He then starts...sighing. I break away, and notice that his hand is down his pants. India guy then sighs again, gets up, leaves the room, and re-enters wearing new shorts. YIKES. Also, EW EW EW EW EW!!!! Yeah, he had just jacked off while we were making out. Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened to me. Truly, I find winners.

He sits down and asks me what kind of music I like. "Really, anything except rap or techno. You?"
I'm sort of stunned that this is happening.
"Oh, I like much of everything, especially N----- music." He doesn't censor himself though, he actually uses the word.
I blink. "...What?"
"You know! N----- music! Kanye, rap music, Little Wayne..."
I stare at him. "You know you're not supposed to say that word, right?"
"What word?"
I then had to teach him about the US Civil Rights Movement.

Then, India guy asks me if I want lunch. "Chicken salad?" I'm vegetarian, dude. I'm trying to figure out how to leave politely. We go into the living room, and he opens his laptop. "I have a song that reminds me of you."

3 guesses what it is!

'You're Beautiful', by James Blunt starts to play.

He starts serenading me.
In front of his roommate.
Singing 'You're Beautiful' to me. On a first date.

This is the final straw.

I text one of my roommates 'Call me, please!!' She does, and I say "Oh, Danielle's sick?" "Oh....yeah! Come home now!" "I need to come home? I'll be there soon!" I go and get my shoes. India boy stares at me "You have to go?" "Oh, yeah, one of my roommates got sick." "Do you want me to walk you to the bus stop?" "No, thanks! Bye!" I get out of the apartment and take the first bus home, thinking that I'll never see him again.

He keeps texting me. 'Hey, montana come over after work sweetheart it will be fun'
'i bought you flavoured gifts lol'
'multi-flavoured candies lol'
A few days later 'Hey ana. I said sory. Jst gv me 1 rply that u hate me nw,n u dnt want to hangout any more. Jst say it, so that shd nt dstrb t'

I didn't reply.

He calls me a few days later, after I had been on a truly fantastic date with a guy who worked for Gatorade at Animal Kingdom. I was on a boy happiness kick, and I didn't recognize the number, so I answered.
"Anna. How have you been these days?"
"Who is this?"
He tells me.
"We need to hang out."
"We do not. I have a boyfriend." Lies. But necessary at the moment.
"Since when?"
"Why does that matter?"
"No problem. Have a good life." and he hangs up the phone.

Of course, I see him 5 times in my last month in Florida. I pretend that I don't see him as he stares at me on the buses. It works well. I never talk to him again, thankfully.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mom and Dad come to Disney World!

What happened in my parents 4 day and first visit to Disney World:

Friday, Dec. 10:
My parents arrived!
Dinner in Morocco, the quick service one
Whoopi Goldberg at the Candlelight Processional
Beer in Germany for dad
Illuminations-watched in Germany
Mexico boat ride
Soarin’-they loved it

Saturday, Dec. 11
Street Party-Mom and I danced with Goofy and Mr. Incredible while Dad took pictures
Big Thunder Mountain
Pirates of the Caribbean
Swiss Family Robinson
Snow White
Winnie the Pooh-walked them up the exit!
Lunch in Mexico-the quick service, it was really disappointing. We had to sit on the ground to eat.
Dessert in Norway-delicious, should've gotten lunch there instead.
I went to work- Dad bought wine in France, wandered around the world showcase, took the monorail to Magic Kingdom, saw the castle lighting, Jungle Cruise, Philharmagic, dinner at Cosmic Rays, watched Wishes, met me at Winnie the Pooh gift shop

Sunday, Dec. 12
Fastpasses for Soarin’
Lunch at Rose and Crown-so delicious! I had the vegetarian sheperd's pie and a chocolate milkshake, they had fish and chips and beer
Kim Possible- we saved the world in Mexico!
Off Kilter-Mom and Dad loved them, like I knew they would
Met Ruth! Unexpectedly delightful, she was on her way to work.
Club Cool-Dad tried the beverly, brave man
Soarin’-for the second time
Went to Animal Kingdom
Lion King show-yay! 3 singers, the girl was missing; we were in the lion section, handsome young guy singer high-fived all of us!!
Dad and I went on Everest-literally no wait.
Hollywood Studios to see the lights-we came, we saw, we left
Bus to Downtown Disney
Dinner at Portobello’s

Monday, Dec. 13
Animal Kingdom
Fastpasses for Everest
Jungle Trek
Sanaa for lunch-best view, we saw giraffes, zebras, antelope, ostriches, cranes, wildebeests…so cool and delicious
We all conquered Everest!!
Flights of Wonder bird show
Pangini forest trail
Lion King show-second time, all 4 singers were there! We were in the giraffe section.
Cappuccinos and hot chocolate
Bus to Epcot
Spaceship Earth
Met Aladdin and Jasmine
Shopping in Japan
Via Napoli for dinner
Dessert at the boulangerie in France
Monorail to Magic Kingdom
Castle pictures
Haunted Mansion
Hall of Presidents

Tuesday, Dec. 14
Boat ride over to the Grand Floridian
Breakfast at 1900 Park Fare-met Pooh, Tigger, Alice, the Mad Hatter, and Mary Poppins!
We said goodbye

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spring classes

Fundamentals of Table Tennis
Jazz for Fun & Fitness
Current Events/Honors
Montana Journalism Review
Intro to Entertainment Business
Intermediate Video Directing

And hopefully, hopefully 'Pop Culture & American Musical/Honors' taught by one of my favorite professors, instead of Montana Journalism Review. We'll see.

Also, I have work study AND my job back at the box office! Happiness abounds!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Julie Andrews love!

 In late December, I was at Snow White greeter. A lovely guest relations woman came over and asked if I would let her party of 13 go up the wheelchair line. I said yes, because it's protocol, and asked her how people got the tour guide. She said "Well, to get a guest relations tour guide for the parks is $300 an hour."

I asked her about some of the benefits, and she said that families have taken her to Universal for the day, as a guest, because she drove them there. She said she had been with Disney for 13 years, and that her favorite park to tour is Epcot, and the hardest is the Studios.

We kept chatting, and I asked her what her favorite moment was. She thought for a bit, and then said all nonchalantly "Probably getting paid to have dinner with Julie Andrews at the California Grill."
My jaw literally dropped. "....What?"
"Yeah. It was awesome. I'm friends with her daughter Emma, so every time they write a book, they send me an autographed copy."
"That' incredibly cool!" JEALOUS.

In other news, Julie Andrews is getting a Lifetime Achievement award at the Grammys this year!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Looking Back

I'm home in cold, snowy Montana after a glorious 5 months in Florida. When I got off the plane after 16 hours of flying in August, I realized that it was so hot and humid that I wouldn't need a coat, at least for a few months. When the woman at casting excitedly told me "You're going to be in the Magic Kingdom in Fantasyland!" she was met with my confused stare. "...What's that?" "Peter Pan's Flight, the carousel, Small World, the teacups! You're going to have so much fun!"

Damn, I hope I don't have to work Small World.

My first day was called 'Once Upon a Time'. It was a tour of Magic Kingdom, learning the Basics, and other things. We got a tour of the tunnels, and seeing the castle for the first time, I cried. Then we saw Snow White, the Fairy Godmother, and Bert and Mary Poppins! It was the best way to start my College Program.

I worked on the teacups, Winnie the Pooh, and Snow White.

Child-size wheelchairs made me so sad every time.

Seeing a Make a Wish girl with no legs or arms, having the time of her life.

My first time working fireworks, I saw a proposal happen less than a foot away from me. I got the whole crowd around them to applaud and say congratulations when the show ended.

Eating inside Cinderella's castle with the princesses and my best friend, Ruth. Getting matching tiaras and Snow White t-shirts before watching 'Tangled'.

Watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at midnight at Downtown Disney with one of my roommates. Order of the Phoenix and Half Blood Prince preceded the movie. It was amazing.

Going on coffee dates with Australian boy.

Getting fake proposal pictures with every Disney prince, except Snow White's.

Eating around the world.

Pineapple/vanilla Dole Whips.

Service Industry Nights at House of Blues. Latin night and techno night.

Dancing with my parents and African drummers in Animal Kingdom.

Dancing with Goofy twice at Move it, Shake it, Celebrate it! Street Party

Crowd control on New Year's Eve

Making magical moments at work and playing