Friday, November 26, 2010

6 Weeks Left!

I am a terrible person. Not really, but I've been terrible at updating this. So much has gone on, but when I open the page to write, I just sit there and stare.

The first night I worked Wishes, the fireworks show, I was on the castle ramps. I saw a proposal happen less than a foot away from me. It was decidedly magical.

I didn't get my program extension. I found out, and called my parents. After the phone call, I was looking at flights and found one home. Less than 10 minutes later, my parents had bought it as a Christmas present. I go back to Montana on January 7.

I have 3 rides left at Epcot- Soarin', Test Track, and Circle of Life
I have 4 rides left at Hollywood Studios- Toy Story Midway Mania, the Playhouse Disney Show, the Osborne Dancing Lights, and the Studio Backlot Tour
I have 5 rides left at Magic Kingdom-Swiss Family Treehouse, Splash Mountain, the Carousel, Liberty Square Riverboat, and the Tomorrowland Speedway
I have one ride left at Animal Kingdom-Kali River Rapids

I've seen Boyz II Men and Hanson in concert at Epcot

When I was at 'American Idol' for the first time, Ian Ziering came out and gave a pep talk. Random, but awesome.

I saw Harry Potter 5, 6 and then 7 at midnight on November 18. 7.5 hours of Harry Potter, it was delightful.

I've been on dates with boys from Florida, England, Turkey, India, Italy, Brazil,  Puerto Rico, and Australia. The best were England, Australia, and Florida. The worst were Turkey and India.

I've been having the time of my life. I've swing danced with Goofy, met every princess, danced with Woody, cried at the Lion King show every time, taught little girls the princess wave and the princess stance, moms have hugged me, little girls have hugged me, a woman asked if I was Snow White or Wendy, I've been on every rollercoaster at Disney World, I've seen giraffes less than a foot away from me, I've seen baby elephants and kissed Donald Duck. I've eaten at all 28 booths during the Food and Wine Festival, and made friends in the UK pavilion. I wore shorts and a tshirt on Thanksgiving because it was 80 degrees and sunny. I cried when I met Belle for the first time, went swimming at 1am in October at the pool, played in the ocean in September, learned how to live on pasta, salads and sandwiches, sang along to Sweet Caroline at Jellyrolls, saw a double rainbow at the Boardwalk, discovered the best sandwich at Earl of Sandwich, rode on Small World for the first time during work the first day it reopened, rode Winnie the Pooh 3 times during work one night, and watched Holiday Wishes at the white sand beach at the Polynesian while eating a pineapple and vanilla Dole Whip.

Pure magic.