Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This is Halloween

Super awesome Halloween costumes I've seen:
-Mary Poppins and Bert, in blue dress and chimney sweep
-A 7 year-old boy as Jafar, with a drawn-on goatee in eyeliner
-Incredible Jack Sparrow
-A 'Cinderella' family: Grandfather in the ECV as the King, Grandmother was the Fairy Godmother, Mom was Cinderella, Dad was the Prince, Son was Gus-Gus
-Steampunk bride and groom-the bride's dress had a corset, train and bustle!
-A bride in Ariel's town outfit-blue skirt, white shirt, black corset, with a stuffed Flounder
-A really handsome guy dressed as Prince Eric
-A teenage girl dressed as Pinocchio, complete with marionette strings
-A cast member who dressed up as peasant Snow White, and looked exactly like her. She was in Entertainment, same with a cast member who dressed up as Tinkerbell
-A Peter Pan family, all women. There was Smee, Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Wendy, the crocodile, and Tinkerbell
-Every kid or adult dressed as a Harry Potter character
-A cast member dressed as Tom Marvolo Riddle. He looked eerily like the character, it was awesome
-A Gepetto dad, Blue Fairy mother, and Pinocchio son
-A gorgeous ballroom Belle dress on a teenager. She made it herself!
-A group of people wearing 'Calvinball Champions 2010' t-shirts
-A group of people dressed as characters from Up-Russell, Kevin (the bird), Carl, and Dug. They looked awesome
-A man dressed as Shaggy who has the voice down. "Like, where's the candy?" His daughter was Daphne and his wife was Scooby
-A group dressed as Wilderness Explorers, from Up
-A group of teenagers and adults dressed as princesses-Snow White, Aurora, Cinderella, Belle, Tinkerbell, Mulan, Jasmine, and Ariel

Terribly awful Halloween costumes:
-A 40 year-old woman in Bella's dress from 'Twilight'. You know, the green one that was available at Hot Topic. She even did her hair like Kristen Stewart's. My thought process: How sad. How sad that this older woman has to dress like a terrible literary character who had an emotionally abusive boyfriend...and she bought her dress from Hot Topic. The only things I buy at Hot Topic are Harry Potter and Invader Zim stuff.
-A younger guy, probably mid-20's dressed as Edward Cullen. He had painted his face white, and put glitter over it. He was wearing a blue long sleeve shirt and dress pants. And an Edward Cullen wig. His date was dressed as a Greek goddess.
(I saw both of these people a week apart, 'Bella' and 'Edward' were not together.)
-All of the mothers in the slutty Disney Princess costumes who come to the parties with their kids.
-The elementary school girls in slutty costumes (Alice is a popular one this year), with skirts that are too short and wearing way too much makeup. This is Disney World, not a beauty pageant.

This was my Halloween costume:
Yup, I was slutty Belle. It was the dress I got for my 18th birthday, with a borrowed tiara from one of my fantastic roommates. Hey, at least the dress covered everything that needed to be covered, and I didn't have any children with me.

No big deal, Prince Charming agreed to pretend-propose to me.
I love my life.

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