Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Good and the Bad, in order

The good: A 31 year-old Englishman hit on me in Walmart. I was looking at the new Harry Potter calender, and he said "I've met him. Daniel Radcliffe." What a good pick up line for me.
The bad: Who hits on someone in Walmart?

The good: I didn't have a closing shift at work last night!
The bad: My shift was from 8:15pm-2:15am. I didn't get home until 3am.

The good: I got Subway during one of my breaks!
The bad: They didn't have the bread I wanted

The good: I got my first Guest Service Fanatic card!!!!
The bad: There's nothing bad about that statement; I was at Pooh Grouper and having a really good time!

The good: I was at Pooh Grouper and having a really good time!
The bad: A lady complained to Guest Relations about me.

I was grouping, and at Pooh, there's 2 lines. There's the regular line, and the line at the exit for guests with disabilities and magical moments.
There were a lot of people in the exit line, so I was grouping as fast as possible. Then there was a family of 4 in the regular line, and a group of 7 in the exit line. I had just sent a group of 10 from the regular line, so I asked the family of 4 to wait a second. I sent the group of 7 (it was a magical moment, and they were cast members), and then turned to the family of 4. They had waited maybe 25 extra seconds. The mother was furious.
"Excuse me. Why did you let them go ahead of us?"
"Well ma'am, I'm trying to get as many people into the ride as fast as possible."
"But they're teenagers. They didn't have a card."
"Ma'am, we have a thing called magical moments..."
She interrupted me. "I know what those are! They're teenagers!"
"Ma'am, teenagers need magic too."
"No they don't! How dare you send them before us!"
"Ma'am, I'm really sorry. If you want to go to rows 3 and 4, that'd be great. Again, I'm sorry I upset you."
The family marched past me without another word.

A little later, one of my coordinatos comes up to me. "Hey, I'll take over your position for a little bit. Your manager needs to talk to you."
"Oh, okay."

I went to find him, and he told me that the woman had complained to Guest Relations about me. He told me that next time, I should explain that at the bottom of the exit ramp, there's a cast member who screens everyone.

I didn't get in trouble, but it was a strange thing to have happen right after I got my first Guest Service Fanatic card.

The good: I got a ride home after work with some friends, and we had a Disney and Glee sing-along during the ride!
The bad: Once again, there's nothing bad about that.

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  1. That woman was a horrible jerk who either has never been a teenager or is too old to remember what it was like. A lot of Teenagers have a lot of stress to deal with and everyone deserves magic except for self-entitled ageists like her. It wasn't that bad because it completely wasn't your fault. At least you have all of that good to cancel out that little bit of bad. I am not looking forward to meeting irritating people like her next month when I go for college program, but hopefully she's outnumbered but decent people.