Sunday, August 8, 2010

UK Trifecta of Awesome

I've had incredible luck this summer meeting men from the UK at my favorite bar. I met an English solider in May (His story's hereOh, and here. It's in two parts.), and an Irish soccer coach a few weeks ago (His story's here). I was bowled over by these charming, handsome men with delightful accents.

Last night, I completed the UK trifecta.

I went out dancing for the last time on a Saturday. It was slow at the bar I usually go to, and no one was dancing.

My favorite dance partner texted me and told me to go to where he was. I did, and we danced. He bought me a goodbye drink, a Dirty Shirley.

Note to the bartender who didn't know how to make it: it's vodka, grenadine, and sprite, not vodka, cherry syrup and tonic.

We danced some more, and there were too many people smoking, so I decided to head back to the other bar. I walked back over there, put my coat and my purse where no one would steal them, and saw a really cute guy by the pool tables. He was alone, so I decided to go over and say hi.

He smiled at me as I walked over. We started talking, and he mentioned that his friend was outside smoking. We introduced ourselves as his friend walked back in, and gave me his pool cue. I asked the 25 year-old cute guy where he was from, because I had noticed his accent.

"Oh, cool! Why are you here?"
"I come here all the time."
"No, seriously. My uncle lives here, and I'm here for two weeks to coach soccer for kids."
"You're coaching soccer for kids. That's adorable."

He taught me how to play pool, and my triumphant moment was getting two balls in, one after the other. After that, I was so awful that he gave me 4 extra tries. They did nothing, and he won in a glorious fashion.

We kept talking, and he asked if I wanted to get out of there. Of course, I said yes.

His friend was the sober driver, who was really nice and we all sang Lady Gaga and Katy Perry songs that were on the radio as he drove. He held my hand and put his arm around me.

The classiest song was on, 'California Girls' (Gurrls? Guurls?) was on as he kissed me for the first time. Even though I was sitting down, my foot popped.

Like this:

Thanks, Princess Diaries!

We got to the house where the guys were staying, and his friend left us alone after giving the guy the car keys so I could get home.

We kissed for hours. It was incredible; amazing; breathtaking.

He kissed my hair, the top of my head, my cheeks, put his arms around me, leaned his head against my shoulder, my stomach; incredible kisses. He kept messing up my hair, then trying to fix it in the dark.

He told me I was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen, and he was so lucky to have met me.


We steamed up every window in the car, plus both windshields. I honestly didn't know that was possible in the summertime.

He gave me a ride home hours later, and we kissed goodbye for about 10 minutes. I walked up the stairs with a giant smile on my face.

This summer has been amazing. Who would've thought that I'd meet an Englishman, an Irishman, and a Scotsman in one summer? At my favorite bar? And they'd all be really tall, and incredibly handsome, and absurdly charming? A UK trifecta of awesome is what this is.

I love my life.

2 days until I move!

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