Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Quotes from last night

Question I got a lot last night: "Excuse me, what time does the 9 o'clock parade start?"

At the teacups, mother to daughter: "Honey, stop spinning that teacup right now!"

A family of sweet southern people: "Excuse me honey, where can we find some barbecued ribs? We all want ribs real bad."

A little boy: "Mommy! Look! Bubbles!"
His mom to me: "This is the most excited he's been all day."

Man to his daughter: "Come on, Princess! Let's go find Dumbo."

An older man: "What's that tree?"
Me: "It's the Hundred Acre woods!"
Older man: "Oh...that would make sense, seeing as we're outside Winnie the Pooh."

Me: "Come on, folks! Please keep moving in as far as you can! As far as you can! Make friends with the people next to you! It's a minute and 30 seconds until the next ride! Shortest wait you'll have all day! Please keep moving all the way down! All the way down, thank you! Hey buddy, can I get a high five? What a beautiful dress, Princess! Folks, keep moving all the way down, thank you!"

In other news:
A couple tried to sneak a baby in a backpack onto Space Mountain.
I passed my assessment on Sunday!
Had a lovely chat with an English family.
Yesterday, I got paid to blow bubbles, watch fireworks, and give high-fives to little kids.

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