Saturday, August 21, 2010

First time at CityWalk, or how I met my third Englishman named Richard

Or, how I became an international magnet.

I went out with two of my roommates last night for the first time! We decided to go to the Groove, which is a club at Universal Studios CityWalk. We met 2 really tall guys from Iceland on the moving sidewalk.

It said it opened at 9, so we got there at 10. They told us to come back at 11...because it was TEEN NIGHT! I wish Montana had clubs and teen night. So we walked around and came back at 11, only to see herds of teenagers being shepherded out of the club. They told us to wait until 11:15, because they had to clean. We stood in line and waited, when a tall guy came up to us. He was incredibly talkative, and hitting on my engaged roommate. We eventually shook him off, and got in line to get in the club.

We walked in, and I saw an actual club for the first time. Separate rooms, 5 bars, a huge dance floor, a raised dais for the DJ, roped off rooms for VIPs, female bartenders in slutty dresses and heels, colored lights everywhere, and official security guards everywhere you looked.

I bought a gin and tonic. It was $6.50. Gin and tonic should not cost $6.50. I'm used to $2.75. Blasphemous drink prices.

My roommates and I started dancing. I met a guy named Wink. Seriously. He went to say hi to a friend, and I wandered off to find a bathroom. The guys from Iceland gave me a drink, but I was wary, so I went back to one of the bars. I gave it to a male bartender. "What's wrong?" "A guy gave it to me, and I didn't see anyone make it." "Oh, good call. What can I get you?" "Some water, please." "Of course." He got me water, and a guy behind me said "Hello, love." I turned around, and there was a group of 6 British men from London. I met them all, and one named Richard.

Seriously? Is every 20-something handsome man from the UK named Richard? This is the fourth in 3 months!

Richard , the 25 year old banker from London with brown hair, asked me to dance. Of course, I said yes. He held my hand as we went to the dance floor, and we started dancing. It was awesome. He kept spinning me around, and holding me really close, song after song.

We kept dancing, and then he did the thing that almost every guy has done. He kissed my shoulder, then my neck, then he actually kissed me! We kept kissing and dancing, and it was delightful. We ended up walking off the dance floor, and kept kissing. We then heard a man yell "YEAH! GET SOME! WHOOO!" I turned around, and there was a fat old man right there.


Richard and I just walked away, back onto the dance floor. We kept dancing and kissing, but he was looking for his friends. He told me that he was having a guys night out with them, and that he should go hang out with them. He then kissed me one last time, and walked away, leaving me in the middle of the crowded dance floor alone.

A guy walked up to me. "Hey beautiful" he said, leering at me. "How bout a dance?"
"No thanks", I said as I walked away to find my roommates.

An incredibly tall man stopped me. "You're not old enough to be here."
"Excuse me?"
"You don't look a day over 16. You need to leave."
"Are you security?"
"Fuck you."
I walked away and found my roommates.

Twice, a guy was hitting on my engaged roommate. When they found out she was engaged, they hit on me. I danced with both of them, to get them away from my roommate, but when their  hands ended up where I didn't want them to, I just walked off and left them there.

I was walking back to get my coat, when I heard a wolf whistle. I turned, and there was a big guy leering at me. "Hey sexy." I ignored him and kept walking.

A random guy walked up to me as I was buttoning my coat, and said "Hey, I just wanted to tell you to be safe and have a good night."
"Um, thanks."

As I was leaving, I saw the 6 London bankers.
Richard was making out with another girl who looked sort of like me.

What an eventful first night out in Orlando.

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