Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Two Weeks!

I leave in two weeks. Only 14 days! I've started a pile of stuff to bring in my brother's room, since he's living in another town with his girlfriend. I have all my professional clothes, and new shoes.

My last day of work is August 8, and I fly out at 1:23pm from Helena on August 10. I have an absurdly large pretty suitcase, a backpack, and a new purse. I also made a photo album to take with me, because I have a feeling Disney would frown on a huge photo collage. Also, it might be kind of creepy.

I have renter's insurance! I'm covered under my parents. Now the thing to deal with is getting out of the $935 just in fees from UM. Even though I'm not taking any classes, I didn't sign up for housing, and I'm not even going to be in the state.  


However, I'm getting really, really excited!

I can't wait to meet Belle and the Beast.

(Below: One of my professional dresses. Feel free to ignore the weird open mouth smile.)

My mom's traveling for work right now, so it's me and my dad. He's been making really delicious food, like potato salad with snap peas and feta, tomato and fresh basil gazpacho, really good pasta salad....he's such a good cook.

I went to a concert with him at a local brewery on Sunday. My favorite handsome bartender was playing, and he invited me when I was at the bar on Saturday night. He played acoustic, mostly melancholy songs he had written himself. On a couple songs, his girlfriend joined in, and they sounded really good. He played guitar, and had an old man friend playing a huge upright bass.

I'm re-reading the whole Harry Potter series before I leave, because I don't really have much else to do. I forgot how much I adore Peeves.

“So sorry, your bloodiness, Mr. Baron, sir,” he said greasily. “My mistake, my mistake — I didn’t see you — of course I didn’t, you’re invisible — forgive old Peevsie his little joke, sir.”

14 more days! 5 more days of work! I'm seeing Guys & Dolls at my local theatre on Friday, it's one of my favorites. I love 'Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat'.

I'm almost there!

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