Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jealous Monster

I was at work a few weeks ago, the ice cream store. A really handsome guy came in about an hour before we closed and ordered a vanilla shake. My coworkers and I started talking about him. "He's so handsome! He left a tip! He said thank you! I wonder how old he is?" I said "I'll go find out."

I grabbed the cleaning solution and a rag to clean tables. I cleaned the tables, and then went to clean the counter where he was sitting. I asked "Do you like the shake?" He turned to me and smiled.
He said  "Yeah, I do."
"Glad to hear it. Can I ask you a question?"
"Of course." "You mentioned you're painting this summer. How old are you?"
"21. How old are you?"
"I'm 21 as well."
"Oh really?"
He asked "Can I ask you a question?
"Of course."
"Do you like working here?"
"I love it. I like making people happy."
He then says "I can see that, you seem like a wonderful person. And you're really pretty."
I blushed. "Thank you! I'll see you later?"
He smiled again. "Yeah."

He finished his shake and I finished the night smiling. He came in the next night, and the third night, brought his younger brother. He asked all of our names, and asked how our night was going. My super gorgeous and nice coworker decided to clean tables this time, and talked to him briefly. He and his brother left when we closed for the night.

My coworker and I took out the trash, and I mentioned that I was thinking of asking the guy for his phone number or if he wanted to go out for coffee or something. I then said "But (other coworker) has a crush on him, I bet he'll ask her out. God, I hate it when I say that, but it happened all the time in high school. All the guys I liked went for the gorgeous blonde girl. Maybe not this time though!"

I was mopping when the guy walked back in, even though we were closed. He walked over to my gorgeous coworker who was counting the till. "Hey, how are you?" He then asked "So, you said you play soccer. Do you want to watch the world cup with me at (local breakfast place) tomorrow?"

I hate it when I'm right.

I turned away, trying to listen to Lady Gaga sing 'Alejandro' instead of listening to the guy I had a crush on ask out someone else in front of me.

She said "oh, I don't know. I promised to watch it with friends."
He said "well, can I get your phone number?"

I was mopping one spot where the hot fudge was long gone, trying to ignore my seething jealousy and the knowledge that I had been right.

He told us to "have a good night" and after he walked out the door, all my coworkers gathered around her, doing the girly thing "oh, isn't this exciting! He's so handsome! You're going to go, right? Look at her, she's so red! You really like him, huh? This is awesome!"

I kept mopping, and said "Congratulations! I hope you have a fun time!" before I left for the night.

I listened to some melancholy Taylor Swift on the walk home. I left the next morning for my grandmother's funeral.

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