Saturday, July 3, 2010


I am happy!

-Life is good
-I bought a new dress today!
-I got my passport today!
-I'm baking cupcakes!
-There will be fireworks tomorrow!
-Got a lovely email from a guy I care a lot about today
-I made soup for the first time tonight, and it was delicious
-I'm going out dancing tonight
-Dumbledore and Dobby, my fish, are alive and seem happy
-I've started putting happy faces on ice cream sundaes at work. After I put on the whipped cream and cherry, I add eyes and a smile made out of hot fudge. The cherry is the nose.
-There were free trashy celebrity magazines at the library today! The ones I would never buy, but that I love to read.
-My pink laptop is delightful
-The words lugubrious and effervescent
-Calvin and Hobbes
-I have family and friends who love me
-My parents are out, so I get to sing and dance around the house as loud as I want
-Mailed two birthday cards to two different continents for two very good friends
-Realizing that I'm going to be at Disney World in less than 6 weeks!
-The card my great aunt sent, advising me to "not fall in love until you finish college".
-Pretty pretty dresses
-Singing really loudly as I drove my dad's giant truck to the store
-This quote:

-This picture:

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