Friday, July 2, 2010

Fail Cake

I really like baking. I just made banana bread, cranberry walnut for my parents and chocolate chip for me. I'm making brownies tomorrow. You know. Just because.

However, I've had a few failures. The time when I decided to make focaccia and cinnamon buns at the same time, and mixed up the doughs when they were rising. I ended up with super sweet focaccia and cinnamon buns that didn't rise at all, and were disgusting.

Last year, I was baking cupcakes at my brother's apartment. I had some batter left, due to limited cupcake pans. I decided to bake the rest of the batter in a big lasagna pan. Bad plan. When I tried to lift it out, it broke apart. I ended up with this:

I had delicious chocolate sour cream icing, which I used to spell out 'FAIL!'

Thus, my Fail Cake was born.

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