Friday, July 2, 2010

Bambis in my Backyard!

Things I think are funny:
-Photos from catalogs are snarked about, in the form of Gary and Elaine, the people who 'live' in the house.
-I don't know her, but I enjoy her writing style
-Silly customers, we remember our interactions with you.
-The title of the site pretty much says it all
-Oh my god. Yes please.
-Cute food! Not just Japanese Bento boxes either!

This cake

This photo I took 10 minutes ago of a mama deer and her 2 Bambis in my backyard. I love that her mouth is open.

Calvin, I don't like writhing maggots either.

The fact that I once drew a worried elephant on a geology test, and my teacher drew a reassuring monkey. Both were labeled. This happened my junior year of college.

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