Friday, June 11, 2010

A Magical Moment

Today at work, an old woman came in with her family. She ordered a shake, and told me proudly "It's my 71st birthday today!" "Oh my goodness! Happy birthday!" I said. After I had made all their milkshakes, the family headed upstairs to sit down. They sang her happy birthday, and I had a flash of inspiration. I ran and got my ipod, and found the song I was looking for.

"Birthday" by the Beatles comes over the ice cream store's speakers. My coworker turns it up, and we play it twice. As the family leaves, the old woman comes over and very sincerely says "That was so kind. This has been my nicest birthday yet. Thank you so much for the ice cream and the music! I'll remember it for a long time."

I created a magical moment today, and I'm not even at Disney World yet!

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