Friday, June 11, 2010

A Charming English Soldier, Part 2

When we last left the charming Englishman... I walked him back to his hotel in the morning, with the promise to meet that night at the same bar.

Because he told me his favorite color was blue, I wore a blue skirt and gray shirt that night. I got to the bar and met up with two friends from high school. I asked the bartender to let me know when they arrived, cause I didn't want to be the creepy girl staring at the door. The bartender, good man that he is, came right over and said "They're here! Have fun!" I turned towards the door, and there's the Englishman and his friends. He comes over and says "well hi. I'm going to go find a table with my mates, come find me."

I do, and watch them play pool for awhile. I leave and go dance with my friends, and then return. I asked him if he won, and then asked "can I try your beer?" "Of course! They were all out of Corona." I drink some, and then my friend tells me to go dance, because "Britney's on!" I tell him I'll be back, and he smiles his gorgeous smile at me "Have fun", he says, giving me a quick hug.

I find him later, at the bar. We sing along together to Lady Gaga's 'Just Dance', and I'm having so much fun. I then decide to be blunt as can be.
Me: "So, you're going back to Canada tomorrow morning?"
 "Um, do you want to make out one more time before you go back to Canada?”
“When do you want to get out of here?”
“Okay. I have to get my coat.”
He kisses my cheek. “Go get your coat.”

I go grab my coat, and tell my friends that I'm leaving. They give me a high-five, and I go find him. We go outside, and I'm wobbling in my heels.

He says "This was unexpected."
“Hey, you have a pretty girl to make out with. That has to be good.” He dips me, a long kiss outside the bar. He says “it definitely is.”

We start walking, and I ask him “Can I hold your hand so I don’t fall?”
“Of course.”

I stumble in Reeder's Alley, and he says "Do you want me to carry you?"
"What? Would you really?"
Without saying anything he lifts me up in the wedding lift, kisses me, and starts walking. I ask him "I'm not too heavy, am I?" He stops and gives me a long kiss. "You're perfect." He carries me uphill, across an old bridge, and up another hill.

He carried me home in the wedding lift. Is this a movie?

We get to my house, and I start setting my alarm so he can wake up in time to leave. He spins me around and kisses me more.
“You’re distracting me!”
He says “I know.”

He apologizes again for the hickeys and the broken glass on my alarm clock. I jokingly tell him "hey, my shoulder's messed up too!" He starts giving me a backrub, kissing my hurt shoulder too. Perfect.

We have sex, and are cuddling afterward, when he kisses me fiercely. He says "I have to go smoke, catch my breath. Want to come outside with me?" I say yes, and we put clothes and go outside. I give him my lighter, and he lights his cigarette.

Rubbing my arms, I tell him “I’m cold.”
“Come here.” he says. He wraps his arms around me as he smokes.

I look up at him, my 5'1 self against his 6'4 self. I notice something, and ask
“What’s the scar on your chin from?”
“I was about 8, and slipped on some milk in the supermarket, and went BANG, sliding on the floor into a bench.”
“Yeah. I hardly remember it.”

I told him "All I did was cut off my pinky finger in a bathroom door when I was 6. It got sewn back on, though."
He says “I cut my finger off too! See this bump? I sewed it back together.”

We have so much in common?

“Oh my god. You’re so brave” I say, sincerely.
“Not while I was sitting there with a needle and thread, crying the whole time.”

He finishes smoking, and kisses me again. "I have to leave. I'm paranoid my mates will leave without me." I offer to walk him back, and he says “You can’t walk me back to my hotel.”
“Why not?”
“A girl, walking a bloke home? It’s just not done in England. Then I’d have to walk you home.”
“Are you going to find your way back okay?”
“Yes, I’ll be fine.”
“Promise?” Long kiss.
“I promise.”

He then says, “I’m sorry, I really want to stay, but I’m paranoid they’ll leave without me. I'm so glad I met you, I really like you.”
"I really like you too. Thanks, this was really amazing."

The charming soldier says, "Well, I have two weeks leave in three and a half weeks. I'm going to come back."
I stare at him. "Wait, what?"
"I'm going to come back and see you. I really like you."
"Oh wow. Well, can I have a goodbye kiss?"
He says “It’s not a goodbye kiss, it’s a ‘I’ll see you in three and a half weeks kiss.” He kisses me and says “I like it.” He kisses me again, and says "Yes, I really like this three and a half weeks kiss."

He turns to walk away, and I call after him “Can I have one more kiss?”
“Of course you can.”
One more long, amazing kiss.
“Bye Anna.”
As he's walking away, he turns around and blows me one more kiss.


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