Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Charming English Soldier, Part 1

When we last left:
...At this point, a gorgeous guy my age walks up and asks "Is he bothering you?" in a charming English accent. I nod a little. He tells the man that I'm not interested, and takes his seat. He then asks "Are you alright, love?" "I am now." We keep talking, and his friends come over. They're all English soldiers, stationed in Canada and visiting for the weekend. I'm surrounded by 5 men from England, from 20-28. They all call me 'love'. I am in heaven.

I'm sitting between all of them and eventually 2am comes, closing time. The lights come on, and the really tall, incredibly handsome one asks "Is there a 24-hour pub we can go to?"
I say "Well, we're in Montana, where some people still ride horses to school. So, no. There's beer at my house, though. If you want to head there."
He looks at me and says "Really?" Not thinking anything of it, I say "sure."
 So we start walking, and one of his friends follows.

The handsome man puts his arm around me as we walk, and I'm thrilled. We reach my house, and go inside. I go down to the garage to get drinks, and handsome soldier follows me "to get a tour".
He sees my dad's huge truck, and asks "Is that what you drive?"
"But you're so tiny!" and then he adds "and incredibly gorgeous", as that magical first kiss happens.
He breaks away and says "I'm sorry." "For what? I enjoyed it." He looks at me and asks "Really?" "Of course." He kisses me again. I realize, belatedly, that his friend is upstairs.


So we go upstairs, and sit around and drink for a bit. I go upstairs to get some water, and handsome soldier follows me. We start kissing in the kitchen, and his friend walks in, drink in hand.

Oh man.

He looks at us, and says "I think I'll leave." I offer him a walk back to his hotel, and he says to stay, he'll find his way back. I feel so bad. His friend leaves after I apologize, and handsome solider and I go to my room. He ends up spending the night, and I learn a lot of facts about him. He's 6 foot 4 (freaking tall!) with blond hair and blue eyes, 23 years old, a sharpshooter for the English army, joined "to serve my family, my country, and my Queen", he's insanely charming, favorite color is blue, he told me I was perfect, and he has a 10 year-old German Shepard.

I told him “You’re pretty. Handsome? Which do you prefer?”
“I’ll take option B, please.”

He had told me he was staying for the weekend, so I asked him “do you want to hang out tomorrow?” He gave me a long kiss. I asked him confusedly “Was that a yes or a no?”
“What do you think?”
“Well, I’m hoping it was a yes.” Another long kiss.
“Of course it was.”

We woke up the next morning, and he looked at me. “Oh my god.”
“Your neck!”
“Ah. Are there hickeys?”
“A lot?”
“How many?”
“Well, I don’t want to count them!”
“Do they look like fingerprints?”
“No, why?”
“Good; so it doesn’t look like you were strangling me.”

After I looked in a mirror, I said “…Good lord, my friend. Do you have a vampire complex?”
“Why didn’t you stop me?”
“‘Cause you were really into it and it felt really good.”
“Oh my god, I’m so sorry.”
“It’s cool.”
“How are you going to cover them?”
“A scarf?”
“Do you have makeup? What are you going to tell people?”
“Well, the truth-that I made out with an incredibly hot English solider.”

I continued my questions; he told me he didn't mind. “Favorite animal?”
“Dogs. You?”
“Elephants or dolphins.”
He kissed me and said “I didn’t know they could be exotic!”

He kept saying “Nah, it’s all good.”
I told him “It sounds so much better when you say it!”

I walked him back to his hotel in the morning, with the promise to meet that night at the same bar.

He told me “There’s two kinds of girls in England. There’s the crazy, insane ones. And the kind that cry about everything and are insecure. You are neither, and you're absolutely amazing.”

Part 2 will come soon.

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