Monday, May 24, 2010

Turning 21!

I'm home with my parents for the summer again. It's nice, the food is delicious and my room is unchanged and cozy.

I started at Big Dipper (the local ice cream store) yesterday, and I'm working more this week. I'm going to have a super powerful right arm and puny left arm after 4 months of this. It was fun, I worked with three other girls and I learned how to scoop ice cream, make sundaes and milkshakes, and we sang Michael Buble.

On May 19, I turned 21. I went out at midnight on Tuesday with 2 friends that I met my first day of high school, and had 4 and a 1/2 drinks in under an hour, which wasn't the best idea. I had a shot of tequila, a dry martini, a shot of whiskey, a white russian, and lemonade with raspberry vodka. They walked me home, and I had hold of both their arms, which made me feel like I was in a drunk version of The Wizard of Oz. My face looked like this after the whiskey:

I went home, and was on skype with my best friend when I looked at him, and said "I'll be right back." I stumbled out of my room, went to the bathroom, threw up all the alcohol, and felt much better. I woke up the next day feeling fine until I realized I wanted saltines. I called my mom and said "There's no hangover food in this house." She said "well, there's stoned wheat thins." "The fake crackers with little bits in them? Nope." I went to the store and got ginger ale and saltines, as well as my birthday cake, and headed out to Missoula.
I got to Missoula, where I fell in love with this 8 week-old puppy who had flown in that day from Kansas. My friend and I named him Toto. I love King Charles Spaniels, even if they are absurdly expensive dogs- Toto was $1200.

I met up with my brother and friends, and we all went to a park to have delicious Wall-e and Eve cake. I was wearing what my friend deemed "slutty Belle" dress, heels, and a birthday tiara (as seen in the above pictures). We all ate cake, and I went to give the rest to a concert crew that was nearby. There was a super drunk girl there who asked "Why are you dressed like a princess?"
I said "'Cause it's my birthday!"
"Fuck yeah! Happy Birthday!"
"How old are you?"
"No wonder you're dressed like a princess! Happy fucking birthday!"
"Thanks! Enjoy the cake."

We all went out to dinner, and then hit the bars. We went to 7 different bars, where I had Jell-o shots, a flaming drink (one of my friends had to hold my hair back so it wouldn't catch on fire), a shot that tasted like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a local dark beer, a screwdriver, and a chai martini with a flower!

The last bar we went to was having karaoke night. I sang along, but I didn't go onstage. I met this guy, and he bought me a drink and danced with me. Sexual mishaps, anger, lies from him, and general drunken shenanigans ensued. I ended up sleeping on my brother's couch, and went home the next day, having my first drunken mistake and regret.

My 21st birthday was everything I wanted it to be and more, in a very good way.

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