Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Rarity

I've been working at my university's box office for the last three years as a work-study job. I sell tickets for plays and musicals, field phone calls, count money, and make reservations. It's the best job I've ever had, because my boss gives me candy, plays soundtracks for Broadway musicals and Disney movies, and can answer every question I have. He also lets me color in the Disney princess coloring book I have that a friend gave me for my 18th birthday.

Another part I love about the job is all the people that stop by. My favorite people are the boys in the Acting for Non-Major classes who are actually nice.

Last week, I was selling tickets for 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, when this really handsome guy walks up to the window. I say hi, and get him a ticket. We keep talking, and discover that that we're both from the same town and he graduated from the same high school 2 years before me. He leaves, and I smile. I then find him on facebook, and send him a message telling him 'hey, it was really good to see you today. Thanks for being so nice, I hope you enjoy the show.'

I forget about it as I go to class, and then do homework. Later that night, I get a message back from him! We keep talking, and he eventually asks 'do you like coffee?' I reply 'yeah, I do. Do you want to drink some together sometime this weekend?' He says yes, and we work it out that he'll meet me at the theatre when I'm done working the matinee. I'm giddy.

I put on a nice skirt and shirt for the matinee, obviously for all the old people who like younger people to dress nicely, but really because I'm going on a date. So I work, and he's waiting in the theatre when I finish. We start walking, and he opens the doors for me as he asks if I want to go to the coffee shop in the University Center. I say yes, and we go there. I slip on the mud, cause it's raining and I'm stupidly wearing ballet flats, and he grabs me to keep me from falling.


He holds my hand to help me over the deeper puddles.


We get to the UC, and he pays for my drink.

How chivalrous!

We sit down, and start talking again. I discover he's graduating this year, and had classes with my brother in high school. We talk about our mutual love of video games, animals, lack of love for sports, and music. He asks me to sing for him, and I say I will later. As we finish our drinks, he asks me if I want to go for a walk. Of course I do.

Once again, he opens all the doors for me as we start walking all over campus. We veer off campus eventually, and there's this older woman walking 2 West Highland Terriers. I love dogs, and I ask her if I can say hi. She says yes, and I start petting one. The boy, amazingly, pets the other and asks the woman all the right questions. I'm so impressed. We say goodbye, and keep walking. We get to an enormous puddle, we stare at it. He says "I'd offer to put my coat down, but that probably wouldn't do any good....Here." He splashes through the puddle, and offers his hand to me to leap over it. I take it gladly, and I do.

Eventually, we make it back to campus, and he tells me "I've never been in the journalism building before." I offer to give him a tour, and he says he'd love one. I give him a tour, and then ask him what the computer science department looks like. He takes me there. It's on the top floor of the social sciences building, but there aren't any windows. I ask him if that's preparing the majors for a lifetime of working in basements. He laughs and says yes. He shows me the printer room...that only has one printer. I feel lucky about my major and my awesome building.

We leave, and start walking again. It's raining still, but with a really cold wind. I start shivering a little, and he notices. He asks if I want to go somewhere inside. I ask if he wants to go to my room. He accepts, and once we're inside, he starts looking at all my photos on the wall to see who he knows. He asks some specific questions about some of the photos, and sits on my bed with me. He then notices the two signs I have on my window:

He reads both of them, and asks "Since you live on the second floor, have you ever had anyone shout anything back at you?"

"Well, not that I've heard."

"You are really beautiful."


I bush and say thank you, and then say "You're really handsome."

He thanks me, and we keep talking and we compare hand sizes which leads to holding hands, when he says "Didn't you say you had to work at 6:30?"
"Yeah, what time is it? 4?"
"....Oh wow. I should probably get going."
"I'll walk you there."
"You don't have to."
"I know, but I want to."


We start walking to the theatre, and we're holding hands when he says "Anna, you know that I like you, right?"
"Yeah, I do. I like you as well."
"Well, I'm graduating in two weeks, and you're going to work at Disney World."
"That's true."
"I don't know if I could do that long distance."
"Understandable. Do you just want to have some fun for the next two weeks? Just...hang out and not worry about stuff?"
"Yeah, that sounds good."
He opens the door, walks me all the way to the box office, and hugs me goodbye.

We talk later that night on facebook, and he tells me that he had a lot of fun and it didn't seem like 4 hours. We agree that we'll hang out again soon.

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