Thursday, April 29, 2010

A tale of kissing, a Wishbone dog, and Pirates

I promised my friend Stephen (Hi! *waves*) a happy story about a boy to counterbalance all the bad.

A friend from a class invited me over to her house for a ‘shindig’. And who am I to refuse an invitation to a shindig? She and her boyfriend came to pick me up. I got in the car, only to be told that her boyfriend’s cousin was coming too.

Um. Okay.

I immediately picture a 16 year-old boy, not unlike one of my cousins when he was younger. But then there’s this guy in a black t-shirt, black UM baseball cap and jeans walking towards the car. He gets in-and my jaw mentally drops. He has black curly hair, blue/green eyes and is really handsome. He introduces himself to me.  20 year old sophomore, business major.

So we eventually get to my friend's house. We all troop inside, and my friend tells me that there’s a Jack Russell Terrier (a Wishbone dog! See the picture if you don't get the reference) and a 13 week-old kitten.
 Awww! Yes!

We start off playing a card game, and then move on to beer pong. It’s my friend and me against her boyfriend and the boy. They win. I blow at beer pong. My friend drinks all my beer as well as hers.

Bud Light is gross. 

More people keep arriving, and the boy and I play beer pong against my friend's roommate Andrea and her boyfriend. We lose. We keep playing drinking games, this time with cards. There aren’t enough chairs, so my friend's boyfriend brings in 2 chairs from outside-but the boy tells me to sit on his lap.

Okay! Yay! 

His arm is around me and I’m enjoying myself so much. He’s caressing my back and my legs and my arms sort of subtly. Everyone decides they want to go outside and smoke. I decide that I want to stay inside because it’s warm and I don’t smoke. I’m still sitting on his lap. He kisses my hair and my back.
So I turn my face and he kisses my cheek and I turn my head a little more and we kiss. And we keep kissing. And we kiss some more.
I have to check to make sure, so I ask “You don’t have a girlfriend, do you?”
“Do you have a boyfriend?”
“No, I don’t.”

Everyone comes back in and we keep playing drinking games. I decide then I’m done drinking and joining in the proverbial reindeer games. So I go and play with the adorable kitten. The boy comes and joins me on the couch. He puts his arm around me and we start kissing again. I’m aware that there are about 8 other people in the room, but I guess I figured the baseball cap would hide the face that the boy and I are making out?

I don’t know.

My friend's boyfriend sees us and comes over and yells “That’s some half-assed make out session. Get into it!” We ignore him.

Eventually, the next-door neighbors leave and everyone goes to bed. The boy and I are left in the living room. We look at each other. He asks me where I’m planning on sleeping. I’m blunt because I’m tired.
“Here? I’m sure as hell not walking back to campus at 2 in the morning.”

We kiss some more and get water. We keep kissing. Eventually we make our way back to the couch and keep kissing.

The boy moves the two couches together because he’s smart- so we have more space and we keep making out. I’m blunt again.

“I really want to sleep with you.”
He goes “We are. Kind of.”
“Should I be more specific?”
“No, I knew what you meant.”
“Your turn to ask a question.”
“Have you ever had sex?”
“Yes. You?”
He looks me in the eyes and says frankly “No.”


So I ask him, “Have you ever been kissed?”
He looks at me like I’m crazy. “Yes, of course.”

He then tells me “I think I’d like to see you again” and I say “I want to see you again too.”

The plan to sleep on the couch together has turned into a big long make out session. We keep saying that we’re going to sleep, and then we kiss and talk and kiss some more. The actual sleeping doesn’t happen until 6:30 in the morning.

I gave him a backrub and then he asked me if I wanted one.

Yes please.

He gave me a backrub and then while he was doing it, he kept kissing my back and it was absolutely incredible. Weird, but incredible.
He asks me “What are you sleeping in?”
“Um…my clothes?”
“Do you want my shirt?”
“I’ll never turn down an offer of clothing from a cute boy.”
He gave me his shirt to wear. He then says “You're so beautiful.”

Later, I ask him “Pirates or ninjas?”
“Ooh, that’s tough. I would say ninjas because they wear all black and I like black. They're stealthy, but I’m gonna have to go with pirates.”

We exchanged numbers the next day on the car ride back to campus. I called him once, and he never called me back. Of course, after that night I see him all the time on campus and it’s an awkward “Hey, what’s up?” with a ‘my tongue has been in your mouth a lot’ subtext. Yikes.

Good memory.

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