Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Poor Decision, A Saga (Part 1)

Unnecessary Prologue: I have fish. At my university, you're only allowed to have pets that can live underwater for 24 hours. I thought about trying to find an aquatic kitten, but took the easy way out. Since October, I've had a Hermione, a Luna, a Neville, and currently own Dumbledore, Dobby, and Oliver Wood. Yeah, all Harry Potter characters. I'm cool? Not really.

Anyway, it was the night before Thanksgiving break. I’m leaving Tuesday afternoon, it's Monday evening. I have all these plans-I’m going to go return my library book across the bridge to the public library, buy some pasta at Albertson’s, clean my fish bowl, do my laundry, pack-in general, be a responsible young adult.

So I return my library book, and it’s around 7pm. It’s not really advisable for me to walk across the pedestrian bridge at night, due to the fact that I’m small and could be easily overtaken by creepers, if they so chose. So I walk to the bridge, and I see two guys coming towards me. I ask them if there are any sketchy people on the bridge.
“Yeah” one says. “You should go another way.”
“Yeah, they’re creepy.”
“All right, thank you!”

I turn to leave and see three people walking towards me from campus, a girl and two guys. One is really handsome. I quickly mentally evaluate them and decide they seem safe. I ask if they would be willing to walk across the bridge with me.

“Of course!” the handsome guy says, and offers me his arm. I take it, and it’s like something from a period romance novel. I feel like I should be wearing a long dress with a corset and hair in curls piled on top of my head.

We’re walking across the bridge and he introduces himself to me. We keep talking, and he sees the people sitting on the bridge.
He says “Hey, I know them! Is it okay we go say hi?”
“Um, sure.”
He and I walk up to the three homeless guys on the bridge, and the guy promises them some whiskey. One of the guys looks at me, and tells the guy “You have one hell of a wonderful woman there. You sure are lucky.”

I had never seen this guy before. Ever.

The boy puts his arm around me and says “I know, I’m going to take good care of her.” I thought that we were pretending, so I smile and nod.

We walk away, and I ask him how he knows them. “Oh, I gave them my blankets a couple days ago.” I ask him why. He looks at me, and says very seriously “They needed them more than I did.”


My heart melted a little. We reached the apex of where Albertson's and the liquor store is, and he asks me where I’m headed. I tell him that I’m going to go get dinner. He asks me “You’re not eating all alone, are you?”
“Um, yes?”
“Well, do you want to hang out for a while?”
“Yeah!” All thoughts of responsibility flew out of my head.

His friends, the boy and I walked across the street to the liquor store. The girl went in to buy the alcohol, and the boy and I sat down on a nearby bench. He’s the same age as me, he’s a freshman majoring in history, and he’s from outside Boston. He has this delightful rakish grin, big beautiful brown eyes, about 6 inches taller than me, and a slight Irish accent for no discernible reason.

We start walking back to campus, and go to his room in one of the dorms. His roommate’s there writing a paper, so we go to his friend’s room. They start drinking, and offer me a beer. I have no intention of getting drunk, so I decline. He asks me if I want to go outside so he can smoke. I’m apparently all about befriending smokers this year.

So he and I go downstairs, holding hands. Delightful! He starts smoking, and runs his hand through my hair. “You shampoo your hair way too much” he observes.
“Whoa, judgmental, do you want me to judge your appearance?” I cleverly retort.
He smiles that devastating smile. “Sure.”
I look at him and end up mumbling “You’re really handsome.” He puts his hat on my head, and looks at me and says “You’re incredibly beautiful.” I thank him, and a couple minutes pass. He looks directly at me and says “I might kiss you now.”

It was like from a movie. 

I replied “I might really enjoy that.” We move towards each other. Then we kiss, a soft short one and then a long kiss, and it was pretty awesome. We keep kissing, and our arms are around each other, his cigarette long forgotten. We break apart, and he asks “Do you have a roommate?”
“Want to go to your room?”
“Yes. Yes I do.” We go back upstairs to his room so he can grab his coat and other things. We go outside and suddenly we’re making out in the hallway, his arms slide down my body.
"Whoa, dude. Not here. I have some form of public decency. Let’s go to my room.”
We walk to my dorm, holding hands and kissing the whole way.

So, we have sex. It happens. It was probably a lethal combination of 'I give homeless people my blankets, because I'm awesome' and 'I'm a really good kisser.'

I had told him earlier that I had to write a paper. So I'm at my computer, typing away, when I hear something weird, like heavy breathing.

Sort of afraid to turn around, I ask him "hey, is everything okay?"
He sniffs. "No".
"Um, what's wrong?"
He mumbles something about his ex-girlfriend.
"Um, what?" I turn around.
"My ex-girlfriend was raped!" he cries as he starts sobbing.
"...Oh my god."
"And I wasn't there! I couldn't be a hero!"
"Dude, what?"
"It's all my fault!"
"Did you rape her?"
"Then it's not your fault."
He's still crying as he asks "Will you hold me?"

Full of compassion, I give him a big hug. We cuddle for awhile, tears are still streaming down his face.
"Can I ask when this happened?"
He lets out a big, heavy sigh. "Three years ago."


Then, he punches my wall.

"Dude, what the fuck are you doing? My roommate's in there! Why did you just punch my wall?"
"I should've been there!"

Then, he just....falls asleep. Or passes out. I check to make sure he's still breathing, and finish my paper, checking on him every 5-10 minutes. No one can say I don't care about his well-being.

Eventually, I get in bed, and go to sleep. I wake up with his arms wrapped around me, and he kisses me and asks "Can I take you to breakfast?"

I'm never one to turn down free food. So I say yes. I gingerly ask "Um, what do you remember from last night?"
"We had really good sex."
"...So. You don't remember crying and punching my wall?"
"Oh my god. No."
"Ah. You were more drunk than I thought."
"Did I really do that?"
"You sure did."

I take a shower, and meet him outside. We go to breakfast hand in hand, he keeps kissing my forehead and lips and cheek and the side of my head and puts his arm around me as we go to Food for Thought.

As we’re leaving the restaurant, he puts his arm around me and draws me in and kisses the side of my head and says “You’re beautiful.”

We go back to my room so he can get his backpack and stuff, and he tells me “I want to see you again.”

I walk him downstairs, a kiss goodbye.

Part 2 will come tomorrow.

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