Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I talked to the Jonas Brothers on Chatroulette ( No joke. I could see them reading the sentences I had written to them.

Here's the screenshot (above). Click on it to enlarge it and see the full sentences.

Yes, I know that there have been the fake Jonas Brothers on chatroulette before:

But...I don't know. It was pretty freaking cool.

I was even clever enough to save the transcript, which is below the cut, if you care to read it.

< Connected, feel free to talk now
Stranger: hey
You: what's up?
Stranger: you look confused
You: I sort of am
You: Hi
You: are you....who I think you are?
Stranger: hello yes
Stranger: what a dork over here
You: me? yes
You: sad but true
Stranger: lol but your very pretty so that makes up for it
You: Thank you
You: although one of you is married now
You: I like the back and forth conversation going on
Stranger: np ya the others are still dishing out compliments like its going out of style
You: awesome
You: so, where are you?
Stranger: haha LA just bored after show where you comin from
You: Montana?
You: not like Hannah
Stranger: oh wow thats quita difference and no shes nasty now
You: there's a lot of cattle
You: the sky's pretty at night though
You: nothing but stats
You: *stars
Stranger: lol cool ya that would be a nice change from here too many lights and traffic
Stranger: :(
You: I'm Anna
Stranger: well nice to meet you Anna you going to school
You: I am, yeah. third year of college
You: studying journalism
Stranger: well ya kinda see by the dorm lol cool (Joe walked off, and returned with a guitar as he started playing)
You: if you're going to play the guitar, could you turn on your sound? (Joe walked off again, and returned without the guitar)
You: or not
Stranger: oh what the...srry mic must be broken
You: it's okay
Stranger: but hey sorry to cut this so short but the guys say we gotta get going
You: it's cool
Stranger: it was nice talking to you Anna
You: you just made my week
You: Thanks!
Stranger: lol good to hear laters :)
You: bye
You: thanks for making prepubescent girls scream

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