Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hold Onto that Feeling

Okay. So. Here I am. Anna. How's it going?

Last night I was hanging out with a guy. It's 4 days before I head back to school, he's staying here.

We've been taking on facebook for a couple days, and I've met him before. We're flirting online, it's pretty fun. We decide we should meet up.

Last night, we're walking downtown and talking, with a friend of his. He had to pick up his friend because his car broke down.

He discovers that I'm ticklish. And as always, tickling leads to flirting. Tickling also leads to kissing. The first kiss is downtown in the walking mall.

We eventually end up driving all over town, his friend at the wheel. I'm sitting on his lap. We make out in the wal-mart parking lot while his friend goes inside to meet some people. Classy as can be, I know.

We make out in the Hasting's parking lot. He decides that we could use some music. He turns on the radio, a country song. Okay, all right. Then, a woman starts talking about her house burning down and her pets dying. Um, that's a downer right there.

He pushes a button and 'Single Ladies' comes on.

A-HAHA! I start laughing. I love Beyonce, but it's really not an appropriate make out song.

He pushes another button.

"It goes on and on and on and on....DON'T STOP BELIEVING! HOLD ONTO THAT FEELING" comes blasting out of the Mustang's speakers.

I keep laughing.

Our choices were:
1. A woman talking about the fire that destroyed her house and killed her dog.
2. Beyonce's 'Single Ladies'. Oh-oh-oh-oh. If you like it, you should've put a ring on it.
3. Don't Stop Believing, the Journey version. Hold onto that feeling.

He put in a country CD instead.

And then a cop car circled us twice.

Bright side, he is a really good kisser. And he sang to me in his lovely bass voice.

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