Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This semester I was determined to find a boyfriend. I had dated a friend of mine for a year and a half, it was a long-distance thing that just didn't work out. So I've been single for over a year, and I thought that this would be the semester! Go, eternal optimist me! However, that didn't really happen the way I wanted it to.

1. I met a guy when I went to Colorado who was wonderful. I had to leave the next day, so he asked me to write him letters. I did. He hasn't replied, 3 months later. At least we had a magical 8 hours together. Oh, and the yikes of that situation is that I met him and he told me he lived in a tent. So we hiked to his tent.

2. I went speed dating twice. Once I met a guy and then he wrote a story involving me for the school newspaper. The other time I met a guy who told me in detail about his father, who was a butcher, and how he hunts. I'm a vegetarian, who was incredibly disgusted by the level of detail he described. Yikes.

3. I made out with a guy who I found out a couple weeks later was a convicted felon. How did I learn that? I read the local newspaper. Oh, but he was in trouble with the law months ago? Yeah, that still matters. Yikes.

4. There was a guy who told me that he was really interested in dating me. The next night, we had a lovely conversation about how he was still in love with his high-school ex-girlfriend. He asked me to wait for him to get over her. I said that I would. The next week, he had a new girlfriend-who wasn't me OR his ex-girlfriend. Yikes, again!

5. I developed a short-term crush on a friend of mine. He told me that he did not recriprocate my feelings. The next week, we saw Toy Story 1 and 2 in 3D together. The yikes moment of that situation?
"How old are you?"
"...Ah. I'm 20."

6. I met a guy who played the cello outside the local grocery store. He is a really talented musician. However? Also 31. And really, incredibly creepy. And semi-homeless.
"Is this a date?" he asked me the first time I hung out with him.
"Um, I don't know" was my intellegent response.
"Well, I'm just going to imagine it is one." he said as he closed his eyes.
After he bashed the fact I like Disney movies? Bad move, sir.
And his last words when we parted ways were "Hey, if you ever change your mind about dating me, let me know. I'll be around. You're really beautiful."

7. I finally found a boyfriend, someone who I met on Halloween and who shares my love of Harry Potter. Our relationship lasted all of, you know, 10 days before he broke up with me because he thought we didn't have anything in common.

So in mere months, I've gone from an amazing guy who lives in a tent to super awkward speed dating to a felon to a 19 year-old who didn't know what he wanted to a new friend who happens to be a lot older than me to a 31 year old to a creepy cellist to a nice ex-boyfriend.

Whatever will happen next?

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